Porthleven manager Alan Carey has recruited Kevin Richards as his assistant ahead of the new season.

Kevin was Alan’s predecessor in the Gala Parc hotseat before departing a year ago, but looked to return after leaving his role as Mousehole manager in April.

Alan said: “Kevin phoned me up and asked if he could join me and I met up with him, had a chat with him and thought that it would be a good thing for the club, so we moved on and he’s come in.

“I’m pleased he’s come in and we go forward from there now hopefully with the experience he’s got and the experience I’ve got, between us we can move forward in the right way for the club.

“I had Darryl Hunter with me but by his own admission he’s always really wanted to be the coach than assistant manager and I felt that Kevin offered the more managerial side of things, so when he made himself available to me I felt that for the club it was a good move.

The duo will turn their heads towards next season, with Alan hoping that his side can build on a strong season in 2017/18, when the Fishermen put in a strong title challenge.

“We’ve got to try and gain promotion, that’s the thing we want to do and obviously we want to be challenging. We are looking to bring in new faces and strengthen the squad, we need to get into the next level there’s no doubt about that. It’s a big club and that’s what we need to achieve.

“I think that Kevin has quite a lot of knowledge of players as well at this level, probably more knowledge than I’ve got, so I think that it could only be a bonus for us.

Alan excited for Cardiff clash

Alan also spoke of his happiness that Premier League club Cardiff City will visit Gala Parc this season.

The Bluebirds, managed by frequent Cornwall visitor Neil Warnock, will take on Porthleven on Thursday, July 19.

Alan said: “I told Deryk [Heywood, Porthleven chairman] to just try and send Neil [Warnock] a letter. I knew Neil from my Bodmin days and I thought that we might just get him to come down this neck of the woods because he plays a lot up that area and I’m delighted that he’s accepted to come down and bring a decent side.

“For us it’s a night of just chasing the ball around to be honest, but it’s fitness for us and obviously for the players it’s that bit of ‘well we’re playing a top pro side, playing a Premier side’ so for them it’s a big boost as well.

“It’s just an all-round good thing I think for all the players, for all the management, to actually be involved in a game against a Premiership club. I feel it’s just great for everybody involved.”

Tickets for the Bluebirds’ visit on July 19 will cost £8 for adults and £2 for children.