Helston 232 (20pts) beat Newquay 213 (10pts) by 19 runs

Helston continued their 100 per cent start to the County Division 1 season with a 19-run victory at Newquay on Saturday.

Eben Koekemoer top-scored with 65 for the visitors before running out Newquay’s top-scorer Ben Retallack, as Helston closed the gap on leaders Beacon to three points.

Helston won the toss and chose to bat, with Newquay bowler Jack Howarth claiming both Karl Leathley (10) and Graham Wiseman (16).

Stephen Wiseman (1) followed after being caught by Lachlan Brace as Helston reached 31-3.

Koekemoer came in and alongside Chris Martin the pair reached 123 before the latter was dismissed for an lbw, scoring 42 off 77 balls.

Koekemoer continued and got to 65 off 87 balls before Tom Eggins caught him off Howarth’s delivery.

Eggins then caught Ross Leathley (17) before running out Tom Excell (11).

Captain Steven Jenkin stepped in and hit 18 before departing, while Joshua Ninnis (14) and Steve Eddy (1) followed as Helston set Newquay a target of 232.

The hosts looked in trouble when they reached 82-4, with Lewis Jeffery involved in each of Joe Crane (25), Jon Hancock (12) and Adam Cocking’s (12) dismissals.

Retallack (57) retaliated and Aaron Hawkey added 40 but it was not enough.

Fall of wickets (Helston): 26-1 K Leathley (G Wiseman-15*); 31-2 G Wiseman (S Wiseman-1*); 31-3 S Wiseman (C Martin-0*); 123-4 C Martin (E Koekemoer-35*); 166-5 E Koekemoer (R Leathley-8*); 185-6 R Leathley (T Excell-8*); 206-7 T Excell (S Jenkin-12*); 229-8 S Jenkin (J Ninnis-14*); 230-9 J Ninnis (L Jeffery-1*); 232-10 S Eddy (L Jeffery-1*).

Fall of wickets (Newquay): 39-1 J Crane (J Hancock-6*); 81-2 A Cocking (J Hancock-29*); 81-3 J Hancock (B Retallack-0*); 82-4 T Eggins (B Retallack-0*); 97-5 L Brace (B Retallack-4*); 165-6 A Hawken (B Retallack-26*); 195-7 C O’Dwyer (B Retallack-44*); 197-8 J Howarth (B Retallack-45*); 212-9 R Burton (B Retallack-56*); 213-10 B Retallack (L Schumann-0*).