Lanhydrock 256 (7pts) lost to Helston 259-5 (20pts) by five wickets

Helston strengthened their grip on top spot in County Division 1 with a five-wicket win at Lanhydrock on Saturday.

Helston secured the full 20 points on offer to keep them four points clear of second-placed Beacon, who also scored 20 points in their win over Redruth 2.

Lanhydrock won the toss and chose to bat with opener Jason King recording 12 runs before he was caught by Graham Wiseman.

Simon Benny (24) followed as he and Jonathan Harris reached 67-2.

Harris watched Tom Trethewey (4) depart before Ben Attfield and Chris Rogers both fell for ducks.

Harris marched on and reached 100 off 89 balls before he was run out by Karl Leathley.

Steve Cavendish (16) and Ryan Butler (19) fell before Jake Butler departed for 29 off Eben Koekemoer’s delivery, who took 3-43.

Leathley (31) and Wiseman (49) started well for Helston in their reply, reaching 89 before Wiseman’s dismissal.

Leathley followed as Chris Martin (5) and Stephen Wiseman (18) dragged Helston over the century-mark before he former was caught by Jake Butler.

Wiseman soon followed while Koekemoer added 26 before being caught by Ryan Butler.

However captain Steven Jenkin stepped up to save the day with a superb 62 not out off 67 balls as his side reached their target with ten overs to spare.

Fall of wickets (Lanhydrock): 14-1 J King (S Benny-0*); 67-2 S Benny (J Harris-25*); 88-3 T Trethewey (J Harris-42*); 104-4 B Attfield (J Harris-57*); 128-5 C Rogers (J Harris-80*); 160-6 J Harris (S Cavendish-11*); 181-7 S Cavendish (J Butler-15*); 215-8 R Butler (J Butler-29*); 217-9 J Butler (J Eldridge-0*); 256-10 L Hodge (J Eldridge-35*).

Fall of wickets (Helston): 89-1 G Wiseman (K Leathley-31*); 89-2 K Leathley (S Wiseman-0*); 101-3 C Martin (S Wiseman-5*); 120-4 St Wiseman (E Koekemoer-3*); 153-5 E Koekemoer (R Leathley-4*).