Helston 302-7 (20pts) beat Gorran 230 (8pts) by 72 runs

Helston continued their blistering 2018 County Division 1 campaign with a 72-run win at home to Gorran on Saturday.

Helston’s 20-point victory means they now sit 21 points clear of second-placed Rosudgeon.

Helston won the toss and chose to bat, with Karl Leathley (63) and Chris Martin (26) reaching 66 before the latter was caught by Michael Sweet off Harry Blamey’s delivery.

Leathley fell in the same manner but Stephen Wiseman added a further 64 to the cause by being caught by Rhys Daniel as the hosts reached 169-3.

Eben Koekemoer (38), Ross Leathley (53) and Steve Jenkin (30) offered little relief to the visitors as they bought the score to 296-6.

Daniel claimed the latter duo but Tom Excell (20 no) and Joshua Ninnis (2) edged the hosts past 300.

Rory Dixon (44) and Jacob Lakeman (15) got Gorran off to a steady start before the latter was caught by Chris Martin off Steve Eddy.

Eddy also claimed Sweet (4) who was lbw, as well as Robin Kendall who reached 41 before he was caught by Karl Leathley.

Bradley Bury bowled Dixon in between Sweet and Kendall’s dismissals as the visitors reached 137-4.

James Tomlinson (38) was caught by Bury, before Steve Jenkin claimed Ryan Clark (11), Andrew Grant (25), Harry Blamey (10) and Simon Dixon (2), taking 4-27 as his side eased over the line.

Fall of wickets (Helston): 66-1 C Martin (K Leathley-25*); 137-2 K Leathley (S Wiseman-31*); 169-3 S Wiseman (E Koekemoer-16*); 213-4 E Koekemoer (R Leathley-22*); 267-5 S Jenkin (R Leathley-45*); 296-6 R Leathley (T Excell-19*); 302-7 J Ninnis (J Ninnis-2*)

Fall of wickets (Gorran): 45-1 J Lakeman (R Dixon-25*); 56-2 M Sweet (R Dixon-28*); 97-3 R Dixon (R Kendall-20*); 137-4 R Kendall (J Tomlinson-17*); 175-5 R Clark (J Tomlinson-38*); 177-6 J Tomlinson (R Daniel-0*); 195-7 R Daniel (A Grant-11*); 223-8 H Blamey (A Grant-24*); 227-9 A Grant (S Dixon-1*); 230-10 S Dixon (L Grant-2*).