Rosudgeon 154 [8pts] lose to Launceston 155 [18pts] by one run

Rosudgeon’s winning streak in County Division 1 ended with an agonising one-run defeat to Launceston on Saturday.

Despite the defeat, Rosudgeon remain second after third-placed Beacon lost to Gorran.

Launceston won the toss and chose to bat, with opener Gavin Wallis being bowled by Aaron Paul for a duck. Fellow opener Michael Bolt scored 33 off 21 balls before he was also bowled by Paul.

Michael Diebner (8), Sam Pengelly (4) and Robert Mutch (6) failed to score any notable runs, but Kevin Worth (23) and David Sillifant (27) scored 50 between them to rescue things before the visitors slipped to 155 all out.

Rosudgeon’s reply started badly with opener Matthew Ellis bowled by Mutch for a duck after two balls.

Paul (15) followed before Billy Edwards also departed without scoring, while Ben Ellis added 23 to take the score to 56-4. All three were bowled by Pengelly, who took 3-16.

Mark Waters (10) and James Williamson (25) were next to fall after both were bowled by Ryan Christophers, who took 4-35.

Matthew Jacka top-scored for the day with 35 runs before he was caught by Pengelly, but his team-mates James Stephens (1), Max Walden (16) and James Greenwood Penny (6) were dismissed with just one more run required.

Fall of wickets (Launceston): 18-1 G Wallis (M Bolt-17*); 40-2 M Bolt (M Diebner-4*); 44-3 S Pengelly (M Diebner-4*); 51-4 R Mutch (M Diebner-5*); 62-5 M Diebner (K Worth-7*); 78-6 K Worth (D Sillifant-0*); 106-7 B Forsyth (D Sillifant-14*); 106-8 R Christophers (D Sillifant-14*); 121-9 D Sillifant (M Davey-0*); 155-10 M Davey (M Bloomfield-16*).

Fall of wickets (Rosudgeon): 1-1 M Ellis (A Paul-0*); 26-2 A Paul (B Ellis-7*); 41-3 B Edwards (B Ellis-14*); 56-4 B Ellis (M Waters-5*); 73-5 M Waters (J Williamson-12*); 100-6 J Williamson (M Jacka-11*); 101-7 J Stephens (M Jacka-11*); 140-8 M Jacka (M Walden-11*); 152-9 M Walden (J Greenwood Penny-5*); 154-10 J Greenwood Penny (J Thomas-0*).