The latest in a new column by Packet sports reporter Matt Friday, who casts his eye over the stories making the headlines in the greater sporting world.

This week we are saying arrivederci to an old friend. A man who has served our country like no other.

Yes, Richard Scudamore has stepped down from his role as chief executive of the Premier League this week.

But not without a massive £5m pay-off first.

It was announced on Thursday that each of the 20 Premier League clubs agreed to chip in a cool £250k towards a leaving gift in what must be the most expensive office whip round of all time.

The £5m gift, which has been nauseatingly dressed up as a 'golden handshake', symbolises all that is wrong with the highest level of the modern game.

Fans are continually battling against extortionate travel costs and unreasonable match ticket prices, with many having to book well in advance to ensure the cheapest (least expensive) deal.

Then imagine their ire when the Premier League announces that their originally scheduled Saturday afternoon trip from Southampton to Manchester has been moved to a Monday night, thanks to the massive wedge of cash that has been thrown at the Premier League by one of numerous media corporations.

The clubs aren't blameless in this. It seems like they are being told to chip in, but, incredibly, they are the ones who voted for it!

The fans are often paying hundreds to watch just one game but are told by their club that prices cannot drop as the club needs all the money they can get, but they can magically find 250,000 big ones to stick into the chief exec's leaving card at a moment's notice.

In fact it is probably the most apt gift for Scudamore, given that he has contributed to introducing a sacking culture where managers are regularly given hefty pay-offs every time they are told to leave a job.

Now it's your turn, Rich.

  • The Premier League wasted little time in mourning the loss of dear ol' Scudes and cracked on with announcing that VAR is set to be introduced into the league from next season. Finally, a bit of good news from PLHQ.

I am very much an advocate of the much-discussed tech, which will help out our oft-maligned referees and linesmen. 

The division's 20 managers bizarrely voted not to introduce it for this current season but last week's controversy in the Fulham v Liverpool game, in which Cottagers striker Alexandar Mitrovic had a goal ruled out for offside only for Liverpool to immediately go down the other end and take the lead, reginited the debate once more. 

The Premier League was seemingly keen to avoid an embarrassing repeat and have rushed to announce the technology's introduction. About time.

The technology has been implemented in Spain and Italy and has surely made referees' jobs that bit easier.

We all have a moan at referees when they get decisions wrong, and this will help to reduce that.

  • Harry Redknapp is back on our screens, but he has swapped Deadline Day for Down Under as he prepares to compete in ITV's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

I'm sure he will relish his time in the jungle, but as much as I'm looking forward to seeing him set up an unlikely friendship with DIY SOS' Nick Knowles, I think there are other reality shows more suited for him.

The Apprentice, anyone? I'm sure 'Arry would take to the 'buy unusual items for bargains' task like a duck to water. Or maybe he'd become Project Manager halfway through an episode and steer his team to safety after pinching half of the other team to get the job done.

Why stop at Harry? Let's get some other footballers on TV shows. N'Golo Kante would be perfect as a Chaser on The Chase - there's nothing he wouldn't close down.

Tony Pulis' knowledge of good defensive foundations could see him fill in for Knowles on DIY SOS while he's gone, Jack Rodwell is a shoo-in for Casualty and I could certainly see Sam Allardyce propping up the bar in the Rovers Return.

How about José Mourinho in 70s classic On The Buses?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.