The latest in a series written by the Packet's newest recruit and Plymouth Argyle fanatic - Packet Pilgrim.

“Nothing has changed my mind to think we will be very lucky to stay up”

“Great result, after last week’s shocker this is a fantastic response and much needed.”

“Good win. Let's see the next few games before claiming its a corner turned.”

“Anyone got any fingernails left?”

Now THAT’S how to bounce back from a big defeat.

After last week's horrific 5-1 humbling at Luton Town, Argyle fans could be forgiven for being wary when Fleetwood Town rolled into Home Park on Saturday.

Fleetwood are managed by former Premier League midfielder Joey Barton. Sorry, it just has to be mentioned every time the club is mentioned, in the same manner that Derby County, managed by Frank Lampard, is now permanently referred to as Frank Lampard's Derby County.

I was more than a bit apprehensive pre kick-off with the events of last Saturday still firmly imprinted in my brain. Fleetwood – sorry, Joey Barton’s Fleetwood - also seem like one of those teams that you just lose to, regardless of how good your form is.

It didn’t help that I was limited to fleeting glances at my phone during a rain-sodden afternoon at Falmouth Town’s Bickland Park, meaning that my heart sank any time the red light from my Flashscores app lit up.

Normally it was just to let me know that Man City had scored another goal at West Ham, but come the 72nd minute of the game at Home Park, my phone lit up once more to announce that Freddie Ladapo had given us the lead. That cheered me up after spending about two hours stood in the rain.

If I was happy when that goal went in, then I was even happier nine minutes later when Ladapo doubled the lead, and although a near-immediate goal from Fleetwood threatened to further dampen my afternoon – although this time in the figurative sense - the boys in green held on for a massive three points.

“No stopping him in this form”

Ladapo’s brace of strikes in Saturday’s win means that he has now reached double figures for the season, which is a pretty nifty return for a striker in a side currently third from bottom in the division.

Despite starting slowly with two goals in his first 13 Argyle games, the 25-year-old has been a revelation in recent weeks, scoring eight times in his last ten games and beginning to show signs of potential cult-hero status among Argyle fans.

He is also a player who can score a wide variety of goals, having scored deft headers, scruffy six-yard finishes and exquisite edge-of-the-box efforts in his recent hot streak in front of goal.

Those goals propelled him to the Sky Bet League One Player of the Month award for October, and if that wasn’t enough fame for him, he even has a Brazilian fan club adoring his every move on a football pitch (I say fan club, I’m pretty sure it’s just one enthusiastic Twitter account, but we’ve all got to start somewhere).

All in all, life is going pretty swimmingly for Argyle’s red-hot number nine right now. Long may it continue, or as our Brazilian super fan would say, Vamos Freddie!