The South West Peninsula League has announced how it will allocate places to teams wishing to join next season's re-structured divisions.

Next season will see big changes to the existing structure of local football in Cornwall and Devon, with the current SWPL Premier Division being replaced by two East and West Premier Divisions.

The key aims of the re-structure are to minimise travelling distances for clubs and increase the opportunity for clubs who wish to progress higher up the pyramid.

It is anticipated that the Premier West will consist of mainly Cornish teams and the Premier East will be mainly Devon clubs, but clubs in Devon may be moved to an alternative Step 6 Division (Western League) and/or clubs not based in Devon and Cornwall may be moved into the SW Peninsula League.

Assuming however that the initial constitution is filled by clubs in Devon and Cornwall, the following priority of allocating the maximum of 40 spaces is:

First priority will be given to clubs who are this season operating in the SWP Premier Division, followed by clubs who in “any other season” would be entitled to be in Step 6, e.g. the winners of the current SWPL Division 1 East and West leagues.

Third priority then goes to clubs who are members of SWP East or SWP West who hold (on March 31, 2019) an FA Ground Grading of G or H including the installation of floodlighting.

Fourth priority goes to clubs who are members of SWP East or SWP West who, on March 31, 2019, can satisfy the league and the FA that they already meet FA Ground Grading H including active planning permission for any required works including the installation of floodlighting, and give assurances to reach G in full by March 31, 2021.

Falmouth Packet:

If 36 places have been filled from the above four categories then no other clubs will be admitted, but if there are fewer than 36 clubs then clubs who fall within fifth priority group may be considered.

These will be clubs who are members of SWP East or SWP West who, on March 31, 2019, do not meet FA Ground Grading H, but can satisfy the league and The FA that they can meet FA Ground Grading G, including the installation of floodlighting, by March 31, 2021.

If there are still fewer than 36 eligible clubs, then clubs in the feeder leagues (e.g. Cornwall Combination League) with grounds achieving, or committed to achieve, Grade G by March 31, 2021 may be considered.

All clubs – irrespective of which division or league they are now in – must apply to the FA by December 31.

The league has also announced changes to the prize money structure as a result of the re-structure.

The champions of both the Premier East & Premier West will receive £2,000, and runners-up of each will receive £1,000 – these are the same rate as the current single Premier Division pays.

Teams finishing in third will now receive £750 (a £150 increase on this season) and teams in fourth will receive £500 (a £200 increase).

The Walter C Parson League Cup winners will be awarded £1,750 (up £250) with the finalists getting £800 (up £50) and the two losing semi-finalists each receiving £400 (up £100).

The League Cup will also become an open draw, as opposed to the current regionalisation of the first two rounds, as the SWPL feels it is important to have clubs in either geographical division still playing one another.

The travel pot has been increased by £550 to £1,750 to aid clubs with a round trip of 75 miles or more.