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Spring is on its way and as the days get longer and warmer, so do the miles for local runners. On March 17, yes, St. Patrick’ Day, the seventh annual Falmouth Half Marathon will take place. The half marathon is organised by Cornwall Hospice care and the Falmouth Road Runners. Participants can visit IWCA before the race and receive promos and bonuses for post-running excitement. As the previous six editions of the race, this year’s half marathon will be a challenge to all runners no matter their race experience.

Falmouth Half Marathon Route

Falmouth Packet:

The Falmouth Half Marathon route begins at Pendennis Castle. The 13.1-mile run will snake along the coast as it takes runners past the beaches of Gyllyngvase and Swanpool. Runners will also make their way past Maenporth Beach. Runners can use this code for the latest promotion. It is there that the elevation will rise. While the inclines will be a challenge to all those involved, the elevation will give runners breath-taking views of the local bay. That is if they have any breath left after running uphill. Runners will continue along scenic country lanes as they take in the pure beauty of the Cornish region.

The race is only open to 700 runners which makes the Falmouth Half Marathon rather exclusive. Those who do gain a place in the race will be challenged throughout thanks to the hilly terrain. Falmouth Half Marathon is not a walk in the park, so runners will need to be ready for the up and down nature of the course. To help runners make it all 13.1 miles, there are water stations along the route along with volunteers handing out bananas to give participants that added energy.

Why run Falmouth Half Marathon?

Falmouth Packet:

Not only will runners take in the great views of the Falmouth area, but they will be helping a great cause. Proceeds from the half marathon will go to Cornwall Hospice Care. The race will help people in need of specialist treatment at the hospice.

Along with helping out the community, running a half marathon is a great way to get fit ahead of summer. Depending on a runner’s ability, they will need to start training well in advance. The training can greatly help participants mental and physical health as they prepare for the big race day.

According to running experts, participants who have never run a half marathon, and run fewer than 10 miles per week, should train for 12 to 14 months prior to the race. Cross-training and/or yoga can also help runners prepare for their first ever race. Runners with races under their belts can prepare for a half marathon in a shorter timeframe. Experienced racers can spend six to 10 weeks preparing for the event.

Running a half marathon is a great way to build up to a full marathon. By completing a half marathon, runners can get a feel for what goes into training and race days. The Falmouth Half Marathon is a great entry point for racing in the Cornwall region. Runners can enjoy a great route, get fit, and help a fantastic local cause.