Falmouth and Penryn Amateur Boxing Club had five boxers competing Saturday night on the Camborne A.B.C. home show, which took place at Camborne Rugby Club.

Sixteen evenly-matched bouts took place over the evening showcasing some great local talented boxers.

First up for Falmouth A.B.C. was Hope Gould in a skills bout against Evie Thomas from St.Ives A.B.C.

Gould settled into the bout quickly using her jab and footwork to control the centre of the ring. Both girls started the second and third rounds well, demonstrating excellent skills between them with both landing clean shots and throwing a high volume of punches.

Falmouth Packet:

Falmouth's Hope Gould

Thomas applied pressure towards the end of both rounds but Gould kept her cool and boxed well on the back foot with good counter punching, resulting in an evenly matched skills draw.

Next up for Falmouth was Levi Osborn against Levi Crocker from Bodmin A.B.C.

Osborn started fast showing no fear of his opponent who was the bigger and taller boxer. Crocker tried to use his height and reach advantage to keep Osborn at distance but was unable to with Osborn applying pressure from the start, showing excellent movement to get inside and land good combinations to body and head throughout the bout, giving his opponent a standing eight count and a unanimous victory.

Boxing after the interval and third for the club was Kaiden Symons against Simon Heyburn from Blue Flame A.B.C.

Symons again started the bout fast and on the front foot landing quick, sharp combinations forcing Heyburn back and the referee to issue a standing eight count.

The second and third round was more of the same from Symons who shown no signs of slowing down, landing some well timed shots and counter combinations again forcing Heyburn back and to hold on to stop the attacks from Symons.

Falmouth Packet:

Kaiden Symons won the Best Senior Boxer Award

Symons was completely dominant in his performance resulting in another unanimous decision and also winning Best Senior Boxer Award for his efforts.

Up fourth and hoping to keep the winning streak going for the club was Brett Ralph.

Ralph was up against a good boxer and home favourite Reece Williams from Camborne A.B.C..

Williams started well keeping Ralph at distance with his jab and quick footwork. Ralph was forced to pick up the pace and close the distance, walking his opponent down landing good combinations to the body of Williams resulting in a eight count for the Camborne boxer.

Ralph started the second round where he left off, chasing Williams across the ring while landing heavy shots to the body and head this time landing a heavy right hand to the body of Williams forcing the referee to stop the fight in the second with Williams unable to continue. Stoppage win for Ralph.

Falmouth Packet:

Jim Henderson (right) was also victorious for Falmouth

Up fifth and finally for the club was Jim Henderson in a heavyweight contest against Mark Cooper from Blue Flame A.B.C.

Both boxers came out at a fast pace with Cooper looking to land big shots from the start.

Henderson was to slick with his head movement and was able to counter with his own big shots rocking Cooper and giving him a standing eight count.

More of the same continued as the bout went on with Henderson forcing Cooper back and to hold on from the heavy shots Henderson was landing.

The referee was forced to give another standing count and for Cooper’s corner to look at a cut that had opened on up on his nose.

Henderson sensed his opponent was almost done and with advice from his coaches, Danny Cole and Chris Martin, Henderson applied pressure for the remainder of the bout but Cooper shown toughness and held on to hand Henderson another and final unanimous winning decision for the club.

The club will be competing again next weekend in Exmouth with Levi Osborn, Kaiden Symons and Callum Powell all representing the club.

Anyone wanting to join or wants anymore information on the club can contact them on Facebook page: Falmouth and Penryn Boxing Club or Twitter: @falmouthabc