Falmouth and Penryn A.B.C. enjoyed another successful event with Levi Osborn, Callum Powell and Kaiden Symons all victorious in Exmouth on Saturday.

There were 18 evenly matched bouts throughout the night with Falmouth boxing on both sides of the interval.

First up for Falmouth was Levi Osborn against a very strong boxer in Finn Mulready from Torbay A.B.C.

Mulready, who was the bigger boxer, started the bout fast but Osborn responded well, landing clean combinations to body and head to force Mulready back and take the first round convincingly.

The second round continued with more of the same with Mulready doing just enough to steal the round.

The third and final round was a cracker with Osborn raising his game again, almost stopping his opponent this time before the bell went, resulting in a split decision victory for Osborn in a hard fought bout that had the crowd on its feet.

Falmouth Packet:

Next up for the club was Callum Powell against Ben Pascoe from Bridport A.B.C.

Both boxers started the bout strong, showing good movement and shot selection, but Powell stayed calm and applied increasing pressure throughout the bout.

He landed heavy combinations to body and head, rocking Pascoe back and slowing him down towards the end of the second.

Pascoe held on through a barrage of shots in the third to hear the final bell, only to hand Powell a unanimous and well deserved victory.

Falmouth Packet:

The final club representative of the night was Kaiden Symons, with the club one step away from another clean sweep.

Symons was matched against a tough, heavy hitting opponent in Jake Meadlin from Torbay A.B.C.

Both boxers started cautiously, with Symons able to land the quicker, more powerful shots to keep Meadlin on the back foot.

Symons picked up the pace throughout the first and second and was to quick for Meadlin with his counter punching, landing some eye-catching shots.

Meadlin came out swinging in the third looking to stop Symons landing some big shots but Symons again kept calm and shown excellent defence to counter with his own shots and take another unanimous win.

Falmouth Packet:

The club would like to thank sponsor Armada Group for their continued support.

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