Falmouth and Penryn Amateur Boxing Club were back out in action this weekend in the Bodmin ABC home show, with Rhys Shepherd representing the club in his second skills bout.

The show had 15 evenly matched bouts, with three of them being for the Western Counties School finals, which showcased some amazing local young boxers.

Shepherd was matched against home boxer Reece McCormack from Bodmin.

Both boxers started the first round cautiously working behind their jab and throwing single shots with Shepherd landing with the faster and cleaner of the two.

McCormack increased the pressure in the second round, forcing Shepherd onto the back foot and to show his speed and timing again to counter McCormack with some well timed shots.

Shepherd started fast in the third round, replying to McCormack’s pressure this time by not waiting to counter and took the fight to his opponent, with both boxers showing great skill and movement, turning the bout into an evenly matched skills bout.

To contact the club check their Facebook page: Falmouth and Penryn boxing club, or Twitter: @falmouthabc