CHRIS Swallow was first over the line on the return leg of the MailaSail AZAB from the Azores to Falmouth, in a time of 7 days 21 hours 58 mins.

All the 34 boats that left the Azores are now back safely, with the final boat Lazy Otter arriving at Pendennis on Monday, after 12 days and 17 hours at sea.

The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, who is behind the organisation of the race, has been welcoming the returning yachts as they cross the line, night and day, presenting each competitor with a welcome Azores beer brewed locally at Atlantic Brewery and a pasty.

It has been an eventful and exciting race, with only 28 of the original 44 actually completing the course under sail.

There were two dismastings, several broken forestays, one broken rib,water and fuel leaks, and many boats had ripped or destroyed sails, or lost kit overboard.

There were bad easterly gales in the English Channel last week, which local sailors will have noticed as wind speeds at Black Rock measured over 50 knots.

This particularly affected the front runners. Despite the hardships, the jubilant sailors have come thorough largely unscathed, and are still coming down from what was a truly physical and mental endurance test.

Full results of the race will be available over the next few days. Catch up on all the news at the race's facebook MailaSail AZAB Yacht Race 2019.