Hayle Runners had a strong turnout at the Indian Queens half marathon – the latest round of the Cornish Road Running Grand Prix series.

Steve Wherry led the 40+ strong team home closely followed by Tom Rosenfeld. He was supported in the men's team by Steve Fuller, Simon Knowles, David Wilding and Paul Warmington.

Debbie Harrison Webb led the women's team home to second place in the team competition, supported by her daughter Melodie Manners, Kirsty Medlock, Becky Tossell, Debbie Mitchell and Corinne Gerrard.

There were age category prizes for Kirsty Medlock and Becky Tossell, who took second and third places in the women's 35-39 year age category, Caroline Chesterfield who took third place in her 55-59 age category, and Diane Warren, who took second place in her 60-64 age category.

For the men, Steve Wherry won his 55-59 age category, Bob Richards came third in his 65-69 age category and Stewart Townend won his 75-79 age category.

There were personal bests for the distance throughout the field, along with distance debuts from Kate Crehan and Fraser Humbles.

Hayle Runners times:

Steve WHERRY 1:24:54

Thomas ROSENFELD 1:25:07

Stephen FULLER 1:27:04

Simon KNOWLES 1:30:39

David WILDING 1:30:59

Paul WARMINGTON 1:33:07

Nick MASTERS 1:38:55

Debbie HARRISON-WEBB 1:39:53

Lee BURFORD 1:40:33

Andrew ELLIS 1:42:18

Melodie MANNERS 1:42:22

Kirsty MEDLOCK 1:42:31

Rebecca TOSSELL 1:43:59

Robert RICHARDS 1:44:08

David BATCHELOR 1:45:51

Philip JOHNS 1:46:52

Debbie MITCHELL 1:47:55

Corinne GERRARD 1:52:37

Caroline CHESTERFIELD 1:52:45

Mike ORCHARD 1:53:14

Richard COLLETT 1:53:16

Andy MOORE 1:53:31

Steve MACLAREN 1:54:08

Diane WARREN 1:55:17

Stewart TOWNEND 1:55:22

Frazer HUMBLES 1:55:29

Jessica GARVEY 1:57:09

Michelle ROSKILLY 2:04:34

James MANNING 2:05:20

Louise OLLIVIER 2:06:23

Julie PARTON 2:09:06

Kate CREHAN 2:11:02

Zoe LOCK 2:11:53

Naomi ASTILL 2:11:53

Helen KNOWLES 2:11:54

Philip ROWE 2:12:13

Cas LEO 2:12:16

Fran LONG 2:15:28

Ruth PHILLIPS 2:16:32

Fiona GAMBLE 2:21:35

Charlotte KENNEY 2:30:37

Jo LAY 2:47:53