Whisper it quietly, but after weeks of fairly foul weather, the sporting schedule has been back to ‘business as usual’ in the last couple of weeks.

We have now had two weekends in a row where the majority of the scheduled fixtures have been played, which is a far cry to what we have experienced over the past few weeks.

A fine example of the recent weather woes is Porthleven FC, who played their first South West Peninsula League Premier West game in 49 days at the weekend when they took on St Blazey.

That being said, it has not been quite as bad as two years ago, when we experienced a washout almost every weekend from December to March.

I had not started in this role at that point, but I am sure my predecessor had more than a few headaches as deadline drew nearer after yet another washout.

It is certainly no picnic for someone in my position, as we are tasked with filling the same number of pages in the paper regardless of what gets played, so I will be hoping for more dry weekends!

The SWPL has been quite proactive in scheduling lots of league games in the summer months of the campaign in order to beat the potential backlog of fixtures that constant cancellations can bring.

The league got a bit of flack over the high volume of games from some dissenters, but I can imagine they may have been feeling pretty smug in the last few weeks.

Part of the SWPL’s fixture contingency plan is to schedule almost all fixtures by the end of March, allowing postponements to slot into April as and when. That has certainly proved useful, with 45 fixtures now scheduled for April, extending the season to April 25 at the very earliest.

While it shouldn’t be as bad as two years ago when teams were playing three games a week, any more wet weekends may cause the schedulers to sweat some more...