The Packet is going to the World Cup!

Yes, the Packet will be heading out to Skopje, North Macedonia, to cover the Kernow Football Alliance’s debut appearance in the CONIFA World Football Cup this summer.

The Cornish representative side, which was formed in 2018, is one of 16 non-FIFA affiliated nations to qualify for the tournament, which is taking place between Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, June 7.

The tournament is the flagship event for CONIFA, the international governing body for association football teams that are not affiliated with FIFA.

The Kernow team will play six matches: three group games against Zimbabwean side Matabeleland, Mapuche of South America, and the Australian First Nations (Mariya), followed by three placement matches.

All six games will be covered live on the Packet website along with match report, photo gallery and further post-match reaction from members of the Kernow FA side.

There will also be several behind-the-scenes features in the form of a regular World Cup diary – documenting everything from the action on the pitch and atmosphere in the stands to the tournament venues and the city of Skopje, ensuring that you do not miss anything from this historic event in Cornish sport.

A full review of the tournament will sum up Kernow's journey through the nine days of competition.

The Packet will also cover the build-up to the competition with a guide to Kernow's fixtures and the full tournament schedule, news on the Kernow squad announcement, and information on the competing nations and match venues.