FALMOUTH Town manager Andrew Westgarth says he does not want to be selfish and push for the season to be restarted at its earliest convenience.

Town, like every other sports club in the country, are unable to play after the Football Association suspended all football on March 16 in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is unknown as to when a decision on restarting football is likely to be made, with the Town boss having concerns over his team's ability to instantly jump into fixtures after such a long lay-off.

But while he is eager to get back to playing games, Westgarth is aware that people's safety comes first.

"People aren't even allowed to be together in large groups so that rules out training and then it rules out football, so I really don't know what the answer is," he said. "You don't want to be selfish because it's people's lives at stake here. It's all well saying it's not going to affect me, but that's the sort of attitude that you don't want to be hearing.

"For me, football has been canned now and it would be really hard to get yourself in that zone, because if they were to make the decision and say football is back on, do they give us a two-week heads-up so we can train? Because effectively you would be going from playing nothing to playing games, it would be really hard to get yourself physically in the zone, let alone mentally in the zone."

The suspension has added to what has been a quiet 2020 on the pitch for Town, who have played just twice in the last six weeks.

"It's an odd situation to be in, Westgarth said. "We played last Wednesday, which feels like such a long time ago, and even before that we played Sticker but two games in the last six, seven weeks, it's not been ideal.

"Given the severity of what's going on outside of football it's really hard to get your football head back on, because it's not as if you can be looking at fixtures or players.

"We can't even train so it's not as if you can tell the boys to get together and get yourselves up Falmouth School and train. It's a really bizarre scenario."