WENDRON United manager Jack Greenwood believes the Football Association’s decision to declare the 2019/20 season null and void is ‘completely illogical and silly’.

Following a series of meetings between the Football Association and key figures of non-league football this week, the FA declared on Thursday that all results from the 2019/20 season in steps 3 to 6 of the National League System have been expunged.

The decision was made after all football was suspended on March 16 following the coronavirus outbreak.

With the professional leagues in England still to decide on whether to continue the season, and with the Premier League having previously stated its desire to complete the campaign, Greenwood questions why the same could not have been applied to the rest of the pyramid.

“My initial reaction is why is it different for us than it is to the professional game and the Premier League and the EFL and the National League?” he said. “If their rule is it’s being suspended and will resume at some stage, then what is the difference?

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“It has to be one rule across the board rather than one rule for one and another for everyone else.

“I’m sure there are valid reasons but it just seems to me that we should be treated the same as the professional game in that next season has to suffer, that’s almost inevitable, but this season should be completed at whatever stage.”

He added: “To me it just seems completely illogical and silly as to why we would cancel this season when actually we could finish this season. Everyone would use that as their fitness and their way of getting back and ready for next season.

“The likes of Helston and Saltash who have all got something to play for will have to hit the ground running, but I’m sure they’d rather come back fighting for something rather than starting at zero and I just can’t see the need for an instant decision.

“It seems like an easy way out because there was going to be much less backlash over the smaller clubs and the smaller teams and leagues being cancelled, whereas obviously there’s all sorts of comeuppance if the Premier League doesn’t finish and who gets promoted and who doesn’t and all the money involved there.

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“But why the rush to make a decision? These are unprecedented times, nothing is normal, nothing is as it should be, we should just relax, just chill and see what happens. In three weeks’ time we might still be in lockdown and then we’ll make a decision to postpone the decision for three weeks’ time. It just seems completely illogical as to why there’s a rush to make a decision.

“I think it just further distances what feels like already a big gap between the professional game and the grassroots game and football is for fans and for everyone. It’s not just for the people at the top of the pyramid that make all the decisions and makes all the money off it.

“I think they could have managed it a lot better and given people something to cling to when there’s a lot of bad news out there at the moment. I think they’ve been rash in not giving some people hope in terms of something to come back to.”

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The South West Peninsula League revealed on Twitter prior to the FA’s announcement that 22 of its 40 member clubs had voted to cancel the season, with 12 voting to restart the league when possible and the other six clubs undecided.

While it is unclear as to how much of an effect this vote would have had on the FA’s overall decision, Greenwood did reveal that he did not even know how his own club had voted.

Despite his own side having nothing tangible to play for, with the Dron sitting 12th in the SWPL Premier West and out of all cups, Greenwood insisted that his side still had plenty left to fight for, and that it would be unfair of any club in a similar position to vote against continuing the campaign.

He said: “Unfortunately there’s a lot of sour grapes in football and if you ask a Man United fan I’m sure they would want the league to be cancelled so they could get one over on Liverpool, but anyone that truly thinks that to be the case isn’t really a football fan, and that logic applies to the whole of football.

“If you’ve started something ultimately, you’ve got to finish it, and us not having anything tangible to play for is neither here nor here because there’s games to play, gate receipts and everything else.

“I just think that it’s very unfair of us or anyone who is in mid-table or about to be relegated to vote in favour of the season being finished because of their own personal gain or because ultimately they don’t have any care left for the season.

“Our season has been horrendous at times this year in terms of off the pitch and players leaving at the drop of a hat and everything else. From our point of view, I think it would be quite easy for us to sit there and say we would want the league cancelled but that’s just not right.”

He added: “There’s always something to play for, we’ve still got Falmouth Town to play against, who we really wanted to beat because they’ve beaten us and they’ve taken one of our players.

“We’ve still got St Austell to play against and we haven’t played them since we lost quite heavily in the Senior Cup a couple of seasons ago, we’ve still got them to play twice.

“It’s all very well saying there’s nothing tangible left to play for for a lot of clubs, and Wendron, on the whole, most seasons aren’t going to have anything tangible to play for, but it’s a dangerous precedent to set.”