Falmouth Golf Club will be starting Saturday competitions as of this week, according to club captain Ross Taylor and competition secretary Peter Brierley.

Due to the social distancing restrictions and trying to avoid any unnecessary contact with material or money the following system will be set up.

The club will set up a Whatsapp group, with club members advised to download the app and send their mobile number to Ross at 07774616700.

This messaging group will be the main control for players to be made aware of upcoming competitions and will also allow the club to inform everyone of any changes to the competition if necessary. The competitions will also be available on Howdidido.

Entry will be online using Howdidido or by contacting Pete on the Whatsapp group. Members are asked to book tee times using the club website and then enter the competition using the booked time. Tee times will be eligible all day from 8am until 6pm.

Entrants must also use online banking to pay the entry fee into the men’s section bank account. The sort code and account number will be sent to members when as they join the Whatsapp group.

Roger Scorse (the treasurer), will monitor entries and liaise with competition secretary Pete Brierley to confirm numbers. The club are making a flat £5 fee to include twos for competitions where this is appropriate. When paying members are asked to use the four-figure date of the competition date, i.e. 0606 for June 6, and their surname to confirm entry, so 0606 Surname will confirm your entry to the treasurer.

On completion of the round members are required to photograph their card and send to Pete Brierley on the Whatsapp group on 07429162688. The competition secretary will publish details as soon as possible after the round closes and all cards and money has been balanced. It is not necessary for playing partners to sign the card and one card can be submitted for all players.

There will generally be three prizes per competition and prizes will depend on entries. The club are trying to support the club professional, Nick Rogers, during this very difficult time and all prizes will be either in shop credit if members have a card or shop voucher. The twos will also be in shop credit and members will be able to liaise with Nick if you are a winner.

Any remaining money will be added to club funds to assist with the ongoing costs and hopefully support the club teams during the winter inter-club knockouts.

It is intended to have a Summer League format where entrants can choose their own partners as a singles stableford competition. The club will have eight rounds with five to count.

The club will also have 3 x 3 man scrambles and 3 x 3BBB competitions to make a little variety.

The first competition (Round one of Summer League) on June 6 and details are now on the Whatsapp group and Howdidido.

If you are interested in playing competitive golf this summer please join the Whatsapp group now by contacting club captain Ross Taylor on 07774616700.