Helston Athletic Football Club have shared some good news regarding the restructuring of the national football league system.

Following the FA's decision to restructure the National League System (NLS) based on the 19/20 & 20/21 league results, Helston Athletic Football Club will be promoted to the Toolstation Western League, following approval from the FA council ratification and Western League application.

In a post on social media, the club said: "We're going up.......

"Following todays FA announcement it's to complete the planned restructuring of The National League System (NLS), based on 19/20 & 20/21 league results, Helston Athletic Football Club are delighted to share its promotion to The Toolstation Western League (Step 5) ahead of the 21/22 season.

"Great news both for 'The Blues' and the local community.

Paul Hendy, who is the club's chairman said: "It all very much came out of the blue, no pun intended.

"We had an absolutely magnificent season 19/20 where we went on a 28 game consecutive run of victories in the league, were top of the table, and then unfortunately Covid came along and that season came to an end with no promotion.

"Last season we only lost one fixture, but we'd only ended up playing about 10 games before the season was drawn to a close again, so we were sitting mid-table with plenty of games in hand and expectation were that we would be up there to hopefully secure the promotion we missed out on the season before.

"The FA had been trying to do a restructure for a couple of seasons, unfortunately as a result of the two seasons coming to an unsuccessful conclusion, they weren't able to do it through a natural completion of a full season.

"Then out of the blue they said they were going to go ahead with the restructure and they way they were going to do it was combine the performances of the teams from the last two seasons and from that they'll divide the number of games played into the number of pints that have been obtained and the top two sides from each division in Cornwall and Devon will be offered the opportunity of promotion.

"And so because of our exceptionally good run in that 19/20 season, everything went our way.

The important thing is we're not there to make the numbers up, we are there to compete and we'll be looking to finish as high as we possibly can in that league, if not win it.

"We've been very appreciative of all the support that we've had from the local community over recent years and they've played a big part in getting us where we are, which will be the highest level of football that's ever been played at Helston.

"We're also very grateful to our sponsors that have sponsored all of our teams throughout the season and all the people that advertise with us.

"It's helped us immensely over the past season and last and we look forward to their continued support and being able to offer them a wider scope of advertising as we take our shirts up into the Bristol and Somerset areas, we really do appreciate their support.