Helston Athletic's new Manager Matt Cusack admitted 'it feels brilliant' to have taken the reigns at the Kellaway Park side.

Cusack was announced as Manager of Athletic on Monday morning. His predecessor Steve Massey who had been in charge for five years will now take on a new role as the Director of Football at the club.

The former Saltash and most recently Plymouth Parkway Head Coach explained in an interview with the Packet how he secured the position. He said: "I found out my news from Parkway last Tuesday (May 31) so I said my goodbyes on Twitter. By doing that you end up alerting other clubs, about eight or nine different clubs came in in total.

"There was an academy opportunity to work with the Plymouth Argyle youngsters, but that doesn't fill my passion. I am a teacher by trade, I work with children all day, I have children of my own so I thought I didn't want to work with children as well! I enjoy the adult environment, that is where my specialism lies. I had offers ranging from step four to six. I think the Helston one was the last one to come in.

"Mass got hold of me last Thursday asking for chat. I called him back on the Friday and we started the ball rolling. I found out about the role and what the expectations would be. I was getting a feel for it, to see how ambitious the club were.

"The reason I left Saltash was because I am uber ambitious and I felt at the time they weren't showing the level of ambition that I was which is why I went to Parkway. We had gone up through the levels, I have just seen things like playing in the FA Trophy last year.

"We went to Spennymoor, where we were eventually knocked out. But the whole experience had a profound effect on me. So much so that I thought I wanted to find a project that I could be enthused about but also with a club that is ambitious as I am.

"Previously I was at Saltash as a player, I was at Parkway as a player so I had that connection. I have no connection with Helston at the minute, I have only come up against Helston teams but I needed to feel what the ambition was and if it matched mine that can be my mission, that connection and then this could be the post for me.

"Mass told me what the club was about, I found out more deeply about what goes on with the infrastructure of the club. The setup impressed me, the infrastructure they have. The three year plan to accelerate to the Southern League, I thought yeah, that's the project for me!"

Cusack takes over after leaving Parkway following the end of the 2021/22 season which saw the Bolitho Park side promoted as champions of the Southern League Division One South.

Helston's season in the Western League, wasn't as successful however falling away in the second half of the year after being front runners for the majority of the early months. They eventually finished ninth in the table.

The news of Cusack's appointment was greatly received following the announcement on Monday morning and Cusack also added he was relishing the opportunity of taking that solitary number one position. He said: "It feels brilliant, I have seen Twitter has blown up. I can't get back to them all now, it feels really good.

"Actually, it has given me a new lease of life as well. I have craved that number one position for a while, I was getting itchy feet a little but still was prepared to stay in with the project at Parkway as we were doing well and going through the levels.

"Because they were matching my ambition I thought I would stick it out, there weren't many other jobs about either. Then this came up and I feel like the stars have aligned.

"I am coming down to raise the performance levels, create history for the club, mount championship challenges and win silverware. That is the aspiration and to get them through the levels while promoting youth through the ranks as well. It is an exciting project to to be part of and I can't wait to get going."

As aforementioned, the role sees previous Manager Steve Massey taking a step back becoming Director of Football. One of the current coaching crop Leigh Robinson has also left to pursue an overseas venture.

Cusack clarified how his and Massey's roles will differ: "I have spoken with Steve so much over the past two or three days.

"We are talking two/three times a day, liaising and messaging beyond that. I wanted clarification about his role, I know he is a passionate guy and was the Manager last year.

"The first thing I did was establish absolute clarity around what his role what be and my role. He has done it for so long now, I have the upmost respect for him as a man but he wants to step away and be there on my shoulder if I need it.

"I can lean on him if I need to but he won't be as involved. I think he his putting his time/energy into the youth section at Helston now as that's where his passion is. He will be on hand to offer advice and guidance when needed and that will be his role. I will come down to undertake this new role."

Cusack will now have a busy time on his hands as he prepares for pre season ahead of Helston's second campaign at Western League level.