THE ongoing talks about the proposed merger of the Whirlwind Sports Falmouth-Helston League and the One and All Sports Mining League have now taken another step forward.

After a number of meetings between the two leagues, clubs have now been circulated with a joint discussion/working document of the expected make-up of the league and the date for the merger.

It is now down to the clubs to talk it over and either agree or disagree with what has been proposed or make their own observations.

In effect, if it happens then junior football in Cornwall would be governed by one league in the east and one league in the west.

The date for the proposed merger of the leagues has been set for 2011-2012 because the Falmouth-Helston League reaches its 50th anniversary the season before, 2010-2011, and it is something the league officials would like to fulfil.

The final tables during that season would be the one on which the formation of the new divisions would be based.

Both leagues are presently geared to having 48 teams in their three divisions and as a result the working party has suggested that in the new league there be seven divisions with 14 teams in each division.

When, and if the league is up and running, it is proposed that a maximum of two from the three teams finishing at the top of the premier division would be able to apply for promotion to the Jolly's Combination League (with that league's agreement) and on condition that their facilities meet the necessary senior standards. Teams would be relegated from the Jolly's Combination League to replace the promoted clubs.

Promotion throughout the rest of the league would be on a two-up two-down basis. The relegation of a team into a division where a club already has a team would in effect mean additional relegation for its other team.

It is also proposed that each division would have its own cup competition, but in addition there would be two separate cup tournaments covering all the divisions for first teams and reserve teams. That would currently be equated to the Percy Stephens Cup in the Falmouth-Helston League and the Dunn Cup in the Mining League.

It was suggested that all league council officials in office at the time of the merger should be allowed to be part of the new league. None should be lost.

One of the major and most interesting decisions to be taken will be the name for the new league and ideas will be invited from everyone involved in the two leagues, both from officials and from clubs.

The proposed make up of the divisions for the merger is currently - Premier div: Top seven teams from each league.

Div. I: Bottom seven teams from each division I.

Div. II: Bottom two teams of each division one plus top five teams from each division II.

Div. III: Seven teams from each division two.

Div. IV: Bottom four teams from each div II plus top three teams from each div III.

Div V: Next seven teams from each division III.

Div. VI: Bottom six teams from each division III with an allowance for two new clubs to be admitted.