Members of a Falmouth football club founded 30 years ago have come together to celebrate a successful three decades. 

Falmouth United held a jubilant celebration in June to mark the 30th anniversary of the club.

Past and present members - including players, coaches and committee members - gathered at Falmouth Golf Club for the event. 

Founded by Julie Buckingham and Lee Harris three decades ago, Falmouth United has grown from humble beginnings to become a huge success and beloved club that continues to thrive today.

(Image: Falmouth United)

The evening was filled with old and new members, reminiscing about the club's history, the friendships that have been built and sharing their hopes for the future.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of awards, honouring the dedication and talent of players, coaches and volunteers - all of whom have contributed to the success of Falmouth United over the past 30 years.

(Image: Falmouth United)

Past players have even gone on to play at a professional level, which is a huge testament to the club's legacy.

In a touching display of history, all the shirts from over the 30 years of Falmouth United's existence were on show.

Alongside this, a slideshow presentation took attendees on a tour of the club's journey, from it's modest beginnings to its current stature.

(Image: Falmouth United)

The pictures captured the club's most significant milestones both on and off the pitch.

A club spokesperson said: "Falmouth United remain dedicated and hard working on their ongoing efforts and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead."