Plymouth Argyle fans could be set to protest outside Truro City's match with Maidenhead United on Saturday, in a bid to 'get the game called off'.

The planned protest has been mentioned on, a Plymouth Argyle fans' forum and will be against Truro City chairman Kevin Heaney, who has been closely linked with a proposed takeover of the South Devon club.

Heaney has always stated that his role is as a property advisor to a consortium wishing to buy the club and that he has no interest in the football side of the business.

However, trouble at Argyle reached breaking point today (Friday) when their players threatened to strike before their away match with Burton Albion over unpaid wages.

This strike has been avoided after the players were paid 40 per cent of their wages, but anger is still high amongst fans and some are planning to direct that towards Mr Heaney.

On the forum, one Argyle supporter, Andy Holland, wrote: "It is time to talk about taking the protest to Truro? Think of the media attention we could get if a thousand Argyle fans went down there and got the game called off through sheer weight of numbers protesting."

His views did not receive the full support of fans, who posted replies, with one supporter writing.

"Am I being really stupid or is there not an Argyle game on Saturday? I don't understand this, I'm going to Burton like I've been to every away game this season. Why doesn't everyone make the effort to got to Burton while we've still got a club to support?"

However, another fan wrote.

"I think Truro would be a great opportunity for the Cornish fans who can't or don't want to travel to Home Park to get involved."