A SPORT only popular in the Scottish Highlands is set to make a return to Cornwall after an absence of almost 100 years.

Shinty, a team game similar to hockey, used to be played in the Duchy in the 1920s. Back then Cornwall had a very good side and often matched their Scottish opponents. However, since then, the sport has died out and hasn’t been played competitively, in England, for some time.

There are some records of the sport being played in English schools in the 1980s, but nothing since then.

However, that is all about to change thanks to local archaeologist, Matt Mossop, who has a keen interest in the sport.

He along with a few of his colleagues at Archaeological Consultancy Ltd, in Mylor, and students at Tremough, have set up a team with a view to playing some competitive games. They will meet London Shinty Club, the only other team south of the Scottish border, in a friendly at Taunton on April 21.

Then a few weeks later they will enter the St Andrew’s Sixes - a shinty six-a-side tournament in Scotland.

Speaking about setting up the club, Matt Mossop, said: “I’ve been playing shinty for about 20 years, having discovered the sport up in Scotland while studying at St Andrew’s University.

“It was always a life dream of mine to set up the Cornwall Shinty Club again, as it hasn’t been running for a good number of years.

“Most people won’t realise that shinty was ever played in Cornwall, but we used to be one of the best. The Cornish used to give the Scots a run for their money in those days. It is really exciting for us.”

“It will be their very first competitive game (against London), so if we get even a single goal or don’t get completely trounced, then it will be a success.”

The club has been helped with its set up by sponsorship from The Mabe Post Office, Archaeological Consultancy Ltd, The Thirsty Scholar and The New Inn, Mabe.

If any company would like to get in touch with regard to sponsorship, or with regards to playing, they can do so by contacting Matt Mossop at msosop@archaeologicalconsultancy.com.