POOR wind levels and visibility meant the last pursuit race between Flushing Sailing and Royal Cornwall Yacht Club had to be rescheduled from last Friday to Wednesday evening.

Bright sunshine and light breezes gave a chance for a successful race, but the gentle conditions ensured a short course and at 6pm, the first starter from G class ran down the harbour.

Wild Child and another gaffer ran downwind powered by a large blue reacher.

Another trio then appeared consisting of Outsider, Deep Purple and Popincoota, who were all slowly being overtaken by Midnight Cocktail.

In B class, three working boats ran downwind swiftly with their large mainsails and high topsails pulling well with Rita in the lead from Grace and Cousin Jinny.

Scorpion gave chase down the harbour, but the wind, which was being funnelled between the docks and Trefusis hillsaid, spread out as it entered the Roads, causing the boat to lose power.

Before the four late starters could be seen, the first boat had reached Waterloo.

Pascoes Jaguar, Jackdaw and Camp Freddy were close together as they entered the Roads, but instead of sailing directly to the distant mark, they started to tack downwind pointing towards the north east to reach the breeze.

As the last group were going across, another set were crossing back to the Governor to reach north towards the Vilt.

By this point, G class had been overtaken and left behind by Rita as Grace and Cousin Jinny overtook the smaller board, leaving them clean air to keep driving.

It looked like a B class win, but the last four vessels moved deceptively quickly.

In such light airs, Camp Freddy flew up the harbour and won clearly, followed by Pascoes Jaguar, Jackdaw and then, a little surprisingly, Outsider.

The latter boat had appeared out of nowhere and her skipper Chris Jellis had quickly found the go fast button onboard.

A rapid line of boats beat up the harbour, giving some very close finishes.