AN INSPIRATIONAL grandma from Falmouth is encouraging people of all ages to exercise when they can – just like she does as a 70-year-old windsurfer.

Teena Gustafsson first tried out the sport 29-years-ago after watching her husband, Stefan, and sons doing it for fun.

Jump forward to the present day and you will still find Gustafsson putting her wetsuit on and going out on the water in locations around Cornwall and across the world.

When asked why she keeps going out to do the activity, she said the excitement and buzz of it is something which is hard to shake off.

The pensioner added she feels people of all ages should find something to keep them active and fit.

Gustafsson said: “It is just something I do because it fun, that is all really, as well as getting the chance to go out in the fresh air.

“What I would like to make people think is that even if they are old, they can still go out and keep fit.

“It doesn’t need to be a lot, just little and often is the key and that is what I do.

“Sometime I go out for just 25 minutes, but I try and go out a few times a week, that is all you need to do to keep fit.”

Alongside windsurfing, Gustafsson does other sporting activities like cycling and yoga.

She also regularly works out at a gym in her home with her husband.

On her list of favourite places to surf are Marazion when near home or Egypt when on holiday.

Despite her age, Gustafsson said she will continue windsurfing until she physically can do it no longer.

“I want to carry for as long as possible, even if that is at the age of 100,” she said.

“Even now I don’t get any aches or pains and I still love doing it.

“When I first did it, what got me hooked was the feeling of being scared and getting off afterwards and thinking you’ve done it.

“This is the buzz which still hasn’t gone away for me.”

Her 39-year-old son Adam said his mother is an inspirational figure and a great example of the benefits of staying active.

“What mum doesn’t realise or recognise is that she is one of the best windsurfers in the world for her age,” he said.

“She has pure determination, staying power and a gutful of resilience.

“I could write so much on what mum does regarding her windsurfing, she is a true inspiration and a testament that anything is possible regardless of your age.”