GRAHAM Dawe said winning the County Championship as a coach sits right up there with playing in a victorious Cornish side.

The victory at Twickenham saw Dawe complete a unique set as he has now won the trophy as a player and coach with Cornwall, having been part of their 1991 triumph.

Dawe, who was also in charge of the side last year, said although he never had his mind on completing the feat, it was still a wonderful moment in his career.

“I didn’t set to get the full set if you know what I mean,” the former England international said.

“But it was a great feeling to win in 1991 against a strong Yorkshire team who were really tough to face and we had to dig deep to defeat them.

“But coming back as a coach and winning it again is really satisfying and it is really nice to do.”

He also felt a big moment in the match came in third minute when Shepherd opened the scoring for Cornwall with a superb try.

Dawe said: “We knew Lancashire had two or three big ball carriers and they did smoke us a bit, but we hit them hard.

“That try early on from Matt really settled the team down along with the crowd and we could have stretched it out a bit more, but we felt in control all the way through.

“It has been a long campaign, but we have been pleased with the performances ever since we started out at Gloucestershire and I think our team spirit saw us home in the end.”