It is a bit of a double this week as your pal the Skipper casts his weather eye on something that really gets my goat, and questions the motives of a group I am not keen on, to say the least.

First up, hoaxers. If risking life and limb was not already enough, those who race into action to save us at sea have recently had to contend with a rash of distress flares being fired for ‘fun’.

Now most people reading this will know why this causes such anger, as if the waste of time, cash and resources was not bad enough, there is also the chance that while searching in vain for someone in peril because some idiot child, or adult, has decided to use one as a firework, a real emergency happens and someone dies that could have been saved.

Hoaxers are not just causing the RNLI, Coastguard and the marine community problems. One boy has decided making firefighters and police race around is a fun way to spend the evening.

Parents, yes you, take some time to have a quiet word, and let’s stop this happening, it could be you who faces the consequences.

Now, onto the seeming backtrack on self-awarded inflation busting “pay” rises for Cornwall councillors.

After pleading poverty and a decision to make the poorest pay tax, it seems that some have remembered that delving deeper into the public trough is not the smartest of moves.

It would have been better that a decision was made out of genuine remorse, rather than, “oops election coming” self interest, as I suspect, but either way, we can live in hope that the pay rise will be reversed.


Note, after asking whether anyone could explain how a taxpayer funded quango celebrating the arrival of a company in an industry that relies on the taxpayer at a taxpayer funded enterprise zone makes any financial sense to the TAXPAYER, the skipper's phone and email has stayed mysteriously silent.

Council tax cruelty and living high on the hog

If you can help, let me know.