Here at the Packet we are always inquisitive about what our readers are interested in. We also like to ask the questions people want to hear.

So in a first of what could be a regular feature (if enough of you read this, and keep interacting on the posts!) we wanted to hear what our readers on Facebook believed was 'the biggest problem in Falmouth that needs fixing next'.

Thus followed (at the time of writing) a barrel load of 66 comments and at times 'heated' conversation, but ultimately a whole host of ideas that could be implemented in our town - authorities, take note!

You can view the full post here:

Naturally, we will start with the comment that received the most interactions and that is from Dylan Stephens, who claimed the town lacks a 'decent pasty shop'.

He said: "Choaks and Proper Pasties have both closed down recently and now we've got a pasty drought on our hands. We desperately need a decent pasty shop. A Gear Farm Pasty Co outlet could save the town and its people."

Many were saddened to see Choaks close down in May after the owner Charlie Choak, who had worked there for 60 years, closed the much-loved shop on Killigrew Street stating that "he had had enough." Their humongous pasty on the front desk always looked so tasty!

Falmouth has more than its fair share of pasty shops dotted through the town centre, although that clearly isn't enough for some pasty lovers.

The next comment that received the most reactions regarded accessibility in Falmouth. Joanne Thomas said on Facebook: "Falmouth is not currently disabled friendly, in fact it's verging on being discriminatory. Paths are unsafe and it's difficult to push a wheelchair.

"Drop kerbs are still elevated resulting in a drop. Really uncomfortable for the poor person in the chair. Disabled toilets are too low and really hard to manoeuvre in them. Access to functions and events needs to be accessible for all not just able bodied."

It was one of a few comments of this nature and is something that perhaps should be brought up with Falmouth Town Council to discuss in the near future.

There were a load of suggestions regarding 'the university'. To be clear, there are actually two universities here, Falmouth and the University of Exeter which operates up at Penryn campus and perhaps it's that growth that is becoming irritating for some people.

Tash Berks feels that engagement in the community is negatively impacted due to the two unis. She said: "The university needs to stop expanding. From someone who knew everyone I now don't recognise anyone and it feels isolating for many locals. The jobs also gone to students. I'm not student bashing most are decent.

"It's the university stripping community and causing loneliness. Many many locals talk to me about this as I'm one of a handful of locals left owning a shop in town so they pop in to see a face they know and a much needed chat. Engagement is lacking."

Amongst the others there were many calls for a swimming pool following the continuing Ships and Castles saga.

Affordable housing or the lack of was a regular in the comment section. Recently there has been a lot of calls to remove vans that people have been staying in from the seafront in Falmouth which has caused controversy on both sides of the coin so to speak, while another mentioned needing another news website in Cornwall... which made us chuckle.

Have you any other suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below.