It’s hard enough for the homeless in Cornwall without being attacked while trying to sleep in multi-storey car parks in the depths of winter.

The shocking video of the attack on the homeless man which emerged at the weekend highlights the callousness with which some sections of our society are treated and how callous some people have become.


Whether it’s attacks on the homeless, gay people, black people or immigrants, all have increased in the past ten years, exacerbated by Brexit and then Covid.

After Brexit, racists felt emboldened to ask their immigrant neighbours when they were 'going back to where they came from', despite them living in this country for decades. I know it happened in my village, the morning of the Brexit result, and it happened all over the country.

Once that barrier had been crossed then it was the turn of rampant homophobia with attacks across the country. We appeared to be less tolerant and understanding.

Once Covid arrived then it all really kicked off, despite an initial response of unity.

The anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers clashed with those who wanted to protect themselves and the battle lines were drawn.

America and Europe are going down the same route. So is it too much to ask to be tolerant and understanding and not abuse people just because you don’t like who they are?