We write on behalf of Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together – a grouping of 19 local churches. Part of our service to the community involves visiting and conducting worship services in all the care homes, Age UK Day Centre and some of the sheltered flats in the Falmouth area.

I (Peter Richards) lead the team undertaking this ministry and have personally visited Tresillian House at least once a month for 15 years.

We are very concerned about the well-being of the residents and staff following the shock announcement last week of the consultation on the future of the home. We have known many of these people for years and regard them as very special friends.

We see them now stunned, devastated, bewildered and angry at the thought that their home may close and the way this process is being handled. The sense of abandonment by the Abbeyfield Society is palpable to anyone visiting the home.


'Stunned, devastated, bewildered and angry' desperate plea to stop care home closure

This seems a contradiction of the whole ethos of Abbeyfield and the enviable reputation that the Society has acquired in this area, with three different homes over the years.

We appeal to you to explore every avenue to keep Tresillian House open - for the sake of the residents (many vulnerable and one of whom is 104), - for the invaluable service it offers the local community, and - for the good name of Abbeyfield in Falmouth.

Kind regards,

Dr Euan McPhee

Chair Falmouth & Penryn Churches 

Peter Richards

Together Care Home Team Leader