Many people in the community have reacted with optimism to the news of a change of leadership at Falmouth School.

Relationships between school leaders, teachers, pupils and parents had been strained for some time before June's 'inadequate' Ofsted report.

Tensions were first reported in the Packet in 2017 when parents organised a forum with then-head Brett Miners to raise issues over uniform policies and staff attrition.

Concerns escalated and parents met again in July 2018 and pledged to complain to Ofsted.

Nearly a year later, an Ofsted report was published criticising the school's leadership for its behaviour policies, poor relationships with parents and for 'off-rolling' students amongst other things.

Last Friday, the Shadow Education Secretary called Falmouth School a "classic example of a lack of accountability," and on Monday it was announced that Falmouth MAT CEO and head Brett Miners would be stepping down.

Jennifer Forbes, Labour candidate for Truro and Falmouth said: "I am relieved for the parents who have had to wait so long to find out if any changes were going to be made following the Ofsted report.

"I would like to commend the work of all involved in holding the leadership to account; not an easy task within the academy system and if the visit from the Shadow Secretary of State for Education had any impact then I am pleased for Labour’s small contribution."

Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth Sarah Newton said: "First of all I would like to thank Canon Bill Stuart-Wright and the team of Trustees of Falmouth MAT for guiding the school so well through this difficult time.

"Resigning from a job that you love is not an easy thing to do. Brett Miners worked hard to achieve improved life chances for young people in Falmouth and will leave the permanent legacy of the wonderful, new community sports facilities.”

Jayne Kirkham, Cornwall councillor for Falmouth's Smithick ward, said: "I am really pleased that the new trustees are making changes to behaviour and other policies, focussing on improving SEN provision and consulting widely upon those changes. As a parent and local representative I will certainly be inputting. The inclusion room was being dismantled yesterday.

"I am also very pleased that the new trustees are incorporating the National Education Union proposals into the Ofsted School Improvement Plan. The voice of the staff will therefore be included in the future and hopefully staff terms and conditions will be reviewed. The staff & teaching and learning were rated Good by Ofsted, of course. As well as the behaviour of the pupils.

"This matter has shown the flaws in the academy/MAT model as local accountability is effectively removed and given to the Secretary of State's office who do not have the resources or structures to hold individual MATs accountable effectively.

"I hope Falmouth School can now move forwards reflecting the whole of the community and nurturing all of Falmouth’s children so they can all shine, wherever their talents may lie."