A retired couple were startled by a drone apparently filming through the window of their new luxury flat 'with a view to burglary'.

Linda and Ian Goodhew moved into The Fitzroy apartments six weeks ago and spotted the device hovering in front of their balcony on October 4.

Linda said: "My overriding feeling was what blooming cheek, how dare they? Do they think we're stupid?

"Maybe they think because we're a bit older we wouldn't notice. We're all very aware, intelligent people and we're not going to have it."

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Ian spotted two men in separate cars parked across the road from The Fitzroy at around 6pm in a spot that is not covered by CCTV cameras.

One of them, he noticed, was piloting the drone whilst the other one apparently kept a lookout. Ian "shot upstairs in the lift to see what I could see from there" and told Linda, and the couple managed to take pictures of the men and note their registration numbers.

The drone flew past several apartments and one neighbour told the Packet "I could have touched it, it was really close".

When the men noticed that Linda and Ian had taken their picture, "they reversed and sped down the road," one of them going the wrong way up Castle Drive.

The Goodhews recently moved to Falmouth after holidaying in the town over the last 40 years.

Part of the reason they were attracted to the town was because of its community spirit.

Linda said: "We're not pushovers, we're a very good community here and we look out for each other and our homes."

Police were notified of the incident and visited the Fitzroy to speak to residents about it.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: "Police were informed on Sunday October 6 of a drone being used in the Cliff Road area of Falmouth.

"The local neighbourhood team have been informed and enquires are being carried out in relation to this matter."