Penair School pupils have shown off their incredible fine dining creations - made from baked beans, writes John Bett.

Locked-down youngsters demonstrated their culinary skills in a 'fine dining beans on toast' competition run by teachers.

Staff were left stunned - with some efforts looking like something you'd order from a posh eatery.

Falmouth Packet:

Second place was awarded to Edie King in year eight. Picture: Penair School / SWNS

Some pictures show beans stacked on toast in layers, while others made stars out of toast, on a bed of beans, and finished it off with a salad garnish.

The idea came from design and technology food technology teacher David Atkinson who thought it was a fun way to challenge the students' creative skills.

Falmouth Packet:

Third place was awarded to Florrie Groves of year eight. Picture: Penair School / SWNS

A spokesperson for the school said: "Mr Atkinson had some absolutely fantastic entries to his fabulous 'fine dining beans on toast' competition this week.

"We really are very impressed with all your efforts. Well done to all involved."

First place was awarded to Poppy Luxton in year nine, second Edie King in year eight and third Florrie Groves, also year eight.