A Cornish holiday park is looking to extend the hours it plays music and take it outdoors as part of a number of changes to its licence.

Weststar Holidays has applied to Cornwall Council for a variation of premises licence for Lizard Point Holiday Park - formerly Mullion Holiday Park - by Parkdean Resorts.

It wants to amalgamate the two current licences into one, to include The Boathouse (formerly Kynance Bar & Grill) and Showbar (formerly The Stargate Club).

It also wants to give all activities needing a licence uniform times in both areas, including all entertainment and sale of alcohol both on and

off the premises, to Monday to Sunday, 8am to 1am.

The application includes additional late night refreshment Monday to Sunday, 11pm to 1am.

Currently the Stargate Club only has permission for indoor entertainment - including live and recorded music, films, plays and boxing/wrestling - from 11am to 1am, ending at midnight on Sundays (with an exception on New Year's Eve).

The Kynance Bar & Grill can play music indoors from 8am to 11pm (10.30pm Sunday).

However, Weststar wants this all to be allowed to take place outdoors also, between 8am and 1am.

It also wants to extend the club's opening hours from the existing 10am to 1am, to 8am to 1.30am, seven days a week.

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The council has received three letters of objection from neighbours, with one saying: "The current licensing hours already cause excessive noise disturbance inside my family home and garden, which is situated on a narrow line directly behind the club’s stage area.

"Extending the hours, particularly with regard to any outside entertainment, will only serve to make this disturbance worse."

She said during the park’s opening season her family was unable to open their windows at night due to the noise.

Another, who owns a private camp and caravan park next door, claimed extending the entertainment hours would have a detrimental effect on his business that “already suffers from the excessive noise levels from the club.”

He added that he regularly had to ring up to ask for the music level to be turned down and often had to walk around to the park late at night when the phone was not answered.

Two neighbours registered complaints with Environmental Protection earlier this month, when noise levels were tested outside at the park.

One said: "I was indoors with the back door open and their music drowned out my radio.

"If that's the noise we'll have if outside entertainment is approved it's totally unacceptable."

The council's Licensing Act Sub Committee is due to meet next Wednesday, June 10 to discuss the application.