A Redruth-based artist is planning a collaborative art project after the fire at Krowji left her and many others without their studios or equipment.

Cerisia Ta’Torin was one of the artists affected when the £2 million pound creative hub Krwoji, in Redruth, burnt down in mid-May, leaving her with nothing to show for her work but ash.

Now, after a successful crowdfunding campaign that hit its goal within three days, the artist says she's ready to get back to it and wants to organise an art project with other artists who were affected by the fire.

Cerisia said: "I want to put together a sketch book for the tenants at Krowji for us to all do a drawing in there of how the fire affected us.

"I thought it would be really nice for all the tenants to have the opportunity to do a little drawing or a few notes on how it affected them.

"Then at the end I'd like to put together another book for Krowji, just of the experiences of what happened with the space and how it affected everybody.

"So I'm going to do some work on that and pass the sketch book round.

Falmouth Packet: Cerisia Ta'Torin, one of the artists affected by the Krowji fire. Cerisia Ta'Torin, one of the artists affected by the Krowji fire.

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"I've spoken to some of the tenants there and they thought it was a lovely idea, so I've bought the sketch book and I'm going to see whether we can get it circulated around and just let it evolve nicely and organically around all the tenants, and whoever wants to participate can.

"I've had so many messages on Instagram, and the one thing I noticed occurring was the fact that everybody was so affected by it.

"I know in my grief it was really painful, but when you're in that space it's often really hard to see how it's affecting others.

"From the messages I was getting, it was really affecting the people in the Percy Williams building, and I thought it would be really nice for them to be able to have a voice as well, something that would help support them.

"For those of us that were in the fire, there will be some sort of therapy sessions coming in to help support us, but I just thought it would be really nice to have that chance to share that little bit about how it affected them.

"As creatives, you want to express that visually more than anything else, so i thought it would be a really nice idea for them all to just have a little bit of involvement in what happens because it was all of us collectively really."

If you were affected by the fire, or want to get involved in the Krowji project, you can email Cerisia at: cerisiatatorin@gmail.com or send her a message on Instagram: @tatorin_illustration.