The mayor and deputy mayor have been busy over the last couple of weeks. For deputy mayor Kirsty Edwards it's steep learning curve while old hand Mayor Steve Eva just gets on with the job.

Cllr Eva writes: "Over the last week I have been busy with the opening plans for the Princess Pavilion which we hope to have open for light refreshments by June 14 by then the pavilion will have gone through a deep clean of all areas accessed by the public and also the kitchen. We will have by then had all machinery safety checked and deep cleaned

"On Saturday I attended a Rotary event which was a relay walk five miles starting and finishing on the Moor. The mayoress and I walked the first leg of the walk which was in aid of Dementia awareness a very important cause

"I have been in talks with the company constructing the Media Centres and now know much more of the operation

"The town team are at full stretch with influx of holiday makers and the G7 Event

"The ground's team has produced a fantastic colourful display in our gardens and the Council continues to be there to look after the Residents and Tourists alike."


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Meanwhile new deputy mayor Kirstie Edwards writes of her first week: "After a whirlwind first week as Deputy Mayor, this week has seen me slip into the role a little more comfortably. Just a tiny bit though- there is so much to learn!

"I have had plenty of contact with all the council officers, who have dealt with my endless questions and project ideas with good humour and well informed, constructive responses. I have had full handover reports on most of the committees I am Chairing or involved with- a lot of being a councillor seems to be reading. I am Chair of Cultural services which includes the gallery, library, Draceana Centre and now the pavilion (hurrah!). I am also, as you’d expect, Chair of the environmental working groups.

"I am someone who likes to learn and get stuck straight in, so I am collecting old minutes, agendas and reports- as a famous philosopher once said- “knowledge is power”. I confess to feeling (as I do a lot in life) a complete imposter.

"Like I’ve accidentally slipped in the back door and everyone’s too polite to ask who I am! Educating myself as much as possible, I admit, is my coping mechanism.

"I’ve just chaired my first formal meeting of the beach management group and I think it went ok? I am someone who likes to do, not sit around talking about doing, so Im quick to cover ground and get ideas and opinions collated ready to set our actions.

"I'm glad to balance the more formal elements of my role, with a regular Mayoral walkabout; talking and listening to people in the community with Mayor Eva. G7 is understandably a hot topic, but I think our new community asset the Princess Pavilion has caused the largest swell of joy in Falmouth this week. It was a real pleasure to be up in the gardens sharing plans with colleagues and our community - please do pop in and add to our big box of ideas!"