"Whether you’re stuck in traffic, meeting up with friends or heading out for a night on the town – don’t lose your cool this summer."

That’s the message from Safer Cornwall as lockdown restrictions ease and Cornwall prepares for one of its busiest ever summers.

Safer Cornwall, which is a partnership of public, voluntary, community and private organisations who work together to make Cornwall’s communities safer, is asking people to respect one another and not let tempers flare as the mercury rises.

Over the summer months, emergency services usually deal with more incidents of anti-social behaviour and domestic violence.

Many of these tend to be alcohol related.

Jez Bayes, Alcohol and Drugs Strategy Manager at Safer Cornwall, said: "Alcohol affects your self-control, and this isn’t helped by hot weather, holiday stress, or simple things like being hungry.

"That means that if you get irritated in those circumstances, situations could escalate and quickly get out of hand.

"Our advice is to know and stick to your limits, drink plenty of water as well, keep away from trouble rather than wading in, and don’t think about driving even short distances even if you’ve just had a couple."

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For support and treatment around alcohol contact With You in Cornwall. With You also provide a service for young people called YZUP.

Anna MacGregor, Domestic and Sexual Violence Co-ordinator at Safer Cornwall, added: "We know that home is not a safe place for everyone.

"Our team is here to help those who need it.

If you are concerned that your partner, ex-partner or a family member may become abusive or violent reach out to us at saferfutures.org.uk.

"If you or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm always call the police on 999."

With many people expecting to visit Cornwall this summer, Safer Cornwall is urging people to respect others and be patient.

Tamsin Ferris, Risk Engagement, Education, Evaluation Officer, said: "While summer is a great time of year, busier roads can lead to people becoming frustrated and behaving in a way that can cause collisions and also injuries which are avoidable, such events also cause further disruption on our roads.

"We would like to appeal to everyone to be patient if they find themselves in traffic and stay safe on our roads so we can all continue to enjoy summer safely."

Carol Mould, cabinet holder for Neighbourhoods at Cornwall Council, said: "We know this summer is going to be busy and we want to make sure everyone has a good time.

"We all need to respect each other. That means respecting those in your home, respecting those on the roads and respecting those you come across when you’re out and about.

"Let’s make this summer one to remember for the right reasons."