A Cornwall Councillor has stressed the need for a 'transport plan' to tackle to the parking issues in Penryn and across Cornwall.

Tamsyn Widdon, Cornwall Councillor for Penryn and member of the Penryn Town Council has said that more needs to be done to tackle the parking issues currently plaguing Penryn and other parts of Cornwall.

With navigating around dodgy parking becoming a daily challenge in the lives of residents, many are taking to social media to share their frustrations.

Cllr Widdon said: "The immediate problem with the parking on Kernick Road, the only people that can enforce anything there are the police, and the police are hugely inundated because there's parking problems all over Cornwall and there just aren't enough officers to deal with all the parking situations that there are."

As well as a lack of enforcement, Cllr Widdon has also criticised overzealous traffic regulations for contributing to the problem of parking in Penryn.

"There are double yellow lines where there shouldn't be in Penryn.

"The result of over-excessive traffic regulation orders is that we have double yellow lines in places where it just annoys the residents, there's no safety issues necessarily.

"This pushes people to park where they shouldn't.

"On top of that, we've got many more visitors this year because of the circumstances and a shortage of accommodation, so places that didn't have so many people staying at them previously, like the Sidings on Station Road, are packed full and people come with their cars because we still don't have an adequate public transport system in Cornwall.

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"So you put those two things together, and we keep restricting parking in Penryn while granting planning permission to places that have no parking, which are then used for holiday accommodation.

"Nothing has happened in the previous 12 years to come up with new parking spaces, all that's happened is parking has been taken away.

"What I'm trying to do in the longer term is convince all the people connected to roads, all the stakeholders, to come together to write a Penryn Transport Plan, because we really need to have an overview of where we can create new parking spaces and get cars off of the road.

"We also need to look at how we can slow down traffic which may involve having more on-street parking and a different way of looking at how we organise that, and not just simply slapping one way systems with no parking on streets, because that actually speeds things up and causes more accidents."

"The evidence is that well-organised parking slows traffic down, whereas just putting double or single yellow lines where they're not really needed has helped create the problems that we've got.

"We urgently need a plan."

Residents are being advised that, when a vehicle is parked dangerously/on a pavement to call 101 and report it immediately.

You can also report online to the Police's 101 online reporting page: www.police.uk/101/

Take photos if possible as it is unlikely that police will be able to attend immediately due to the demand on their time.

When vehicles are parked in restricted parking areas, such as yellow lines or residents parking for example, Cornwall Council can issue tickets.

Call 0300 1234 222 or use the online reporting system on Cornwall Council's website