Residents are demanding Cornwall Council address their safety concerns regarding a road in Helston after a lollipop lady resigned citing her safety as a reason.

Meneage Road in Helston is due to lose its lollipop lady this month after Alison Sauvary, who currently holds the position, resigned citing a number of near misses with vehicles that have her fearing for her safety.

Local residents have urged both Cornwall Council and Cormac to address the situation by hiring a replacement lollipop person or by installing a crossing.

Cormac have told residents that they are currently short on relief personnel and so are struggling to find a replacement despite advertising for the role.

Current lollipop lady Alison Sauvary has been in the post for four years, but said that in the last two to three weeks there had been ten incidents where she feared for her safety, including having to "literally jump out the way."

One of them left her with whiplash and needing to see a doctor, and she has received help from Victim Support as she felt nervous about returning afterwards.

"I've got all the outfit on, they're just being reckless drivers," she said.

Alison said one driver was spoken to by police after they failed to stop until right beside her, while she was out in the road.

She said there needed to be a crossing with bigger lights that worked, and believed the speed limit should also be reduced to 20mph rather than the current 30mph.

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Despite leaving on November 26, Alison said she was sad to go, adding: "I've really enjoyed my job. I've made good friends, but my safety is my priority."

However, she also pointed out that had she not been there at the time of the incidents it could have been a child involved.

"If it wasn't me that almost got run over it could have been a child.

"I'm trying to protect them from the traffic. It's the safety aspect and there needs to be something done here about the road."

Dave Bateman, who lives on Meneage Road, said: "I cross my kids over the road, and I'm not afraid of safely stepping in to the road and stopping traffic, but there's plenty of mums with buggies that won't do that.

"It's not that they aren't trying to do something, from the emails I've sent they have listed stuff they're doing, but is it lip service?

"Just install a crossing, please.

"It's needed one for years, it's a main busy road and people don't do the speed limit because people ignore speed cameras, some people don't care about speed cameras.

"It needs to be a pelican crossing, or something as good as that there, where people will stop.

"The funds need to be found for that.

"We pay even more council tax now, I'd like to see some of that money being used for something decent."

The Packet has contacted Cornwall Council for comment.