Following the resounding response to our previous story we are back again finding out what matters most to the people of Falmouth - and this time it's all about where is the go-to chippy in the area?

Previously we have heard readers' suggestions regarding what is the biggest problem in Falmouth that needs fixing next - you can read that article here.

But this time it's all about the fish and chip shops and we are so blessed to have so many within reach. There were (at the time of writing) 40 comments nominating the number one place to go for a fishy feast so let's see what comes out on top ACCORDING TO YOU!

The most commented choice is Penmere Fish and Chip bar, just pipping Bos's Chippy.

Penmere, which has a four-star rating on Tripadvisor, has been a family-run business in Falmouth since 1981 and has seating available, as well as the usual takeaway service. One Facebook commenter said: "Penmere Fish & Chip Shop for sure. Don’t bother with anything else. Fantastic and you can eat in!"

Bos's Chippy, at Boslowick, was another stalwart in the comment section in terms of most popular chippies in the area. The fish and chip shop, which is on the row of shops on the parade opposite the Co-op, interestingly boasts half a star more than Penmere on Tripadvisor and is 14th out of 27 places for 'quick bites' in Falmouth according to the website. One commenter specifically mentioned Bos's purely for its curry sauce! Do you have curry sauce with your chippy tea?

There were several votes for both Old Hill near Dracaena and The Gem on Quarry Hill, with one fan saying he loves their Moby (large potion of cod) because it is really large.

Salt and Vinegar got a mention, as did Mariners, while Harbour Lights, which made it into the top ten chip shops in the UK in 2019, had a smattering of votes.

Is there a chippy in the area that hasn't been mentioned but you really rate? Let us know in the comment section below.