The Texan driver of a Mercedes Benz that blocked the South West Coat Path has expressed his remorse saying he was literally stuck between "a rock and a hard place".

Ethan Todd from Austin, Texas arrived in Coverack on September 26 wanting to share it with someone special in his life that he "deeply" cared about.

He said they arrived in Coverack to stay at their holiday accommodation at around 1am in complete darkness.

Falmouth Packet: The Mercedes became stuck on the coastpathKevin LennoxThe Mercedes became stuck on the coastpathKevin Lennox (Image: Kevin Lennox)However after having difficulty parking he decided to drive down to the holiday accommodation but got well and truly stuck.

He has now written to the Packet expressing his remorse for causing a disturbance and thanking everyone that helped him.

"I am writing this editorial letter to express my remorse for the disturbance on the pedestrian footpath last week," he said.

"I would also like to share my gratitude for the kind people of Coverack who treated us with kindness throughout our stay."

Falmouth Packet: Kevin LennoxKevin Lennox (Image: Kevin Lennox)

He said when they arrrived they could not read the street signs but tried their best to park in the Guthens parking spot halfway down the unlit road.

"Unfortunately, our car was stuck immediately from the wet grass and mud, preventing any reverse maneuvers up the hill," he said.

"I made the decision on my own to drive further down the hill for ease of unloading luggage into the home.

"I woke up a few hours later to reverse the car up the hill but it was stuck in the mud again. My only option was to drive forward on the grassy plain of the Southwest Coast Path.

"I fully intended to spend minimal time on the pedestrian footpath. But when I reversed, I became trapped once again, but this time was completely stuck between a “rock and a hard place” – literally."

He said the car would still be on the pedestrian footpath if it was not for the generosity of a number of individuals "who assisted us during a time of stress and ultimately saved our vacation"

They included Robin Hobson who: "Thoughtfully provided us with planks of wood to help tires gain traction on top of the mud and provided the contact information for Zoar Garage."

Falmouth Packet: The Mercedes was eventually safely parkedThe Mercedes was eventually safely parked (Image: Ethan Todd)

Simon Francis who: "Reached out to us as soon as he heard about the parking situation. He expressed his regret for the beginning of our stay at his lovely home and continued to check-in with us throughout the trip."

Jane and John Campbell who: "Kindly encouraged us from the very early morning of the incident to the last day of our stay in Coverack. They were a calming presence in the midst of chaos."

He said Jane connected them to the owner of our rental home, brought them homemade cakes to enjoy in the afternoon, and even invited them into their home as they awaited the arrival of Zoar Garage.

They used a towing truck and a car jack to bring the car to the top of the hill.

Ethan says he comes from a long English bloodline that shifted to the United States in 1906 when my fourth great-grandfather left Boldon Colliery to start a new life with his fiancé.

He says he still has family members living in Wales and Exeter. He has visited England in 2005, 2013, 2014, and 2022

"I apologize for the disturbance that I caused you and want each of you to know that I never intended to disrespect your beautiful home," he said.


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"I enjoyed my first visit to Coverack while having the opportunity to share the experience with someone special in my life that I deeply care about.

"Your city [sic] and surrounding beaches are one of the most beautiful places that we have ever been.

"We will remember the fantastic meals, refreshing waters, and the wonderful people who cared for us during our stay. We hope to visit again in the future and will certainly park up near the primary school next time."

You can read Ethan's full letter in this week's Falmouth Packet