A petition has been set up in support of Falmouth’s Arwenack Club after noise complaints led to the venue being unable to host entertainment for the foreseeable future.

Supporters say the situation has left the future of the club “under threat,” and when the Packet contacted the venue it said it was taking legal advice.

Cornwall Council has since confirmed it is investigating noise levels at the Arwenack Street club after "complaints" were made by "members of the public.”

Subsequently, a Noise Abatement Notice was served on March 16, 2023.

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Now a petition has been set up in a bid to show public support for the venue.

It reads: “Falmouth's Arwenack Club is under threat following noise complaints from a minority of people.

“Cornwall Council has served an abatement notice which means the club cannot continue with its karaoke on Fridays, Saturday night discos or Sunday afternoon live music for the foreseeable. It even means the town's iconic Marine Band are not able to visit and perform (as had been planned for this weekend).

“This not only means that locals and visitors are deprived of the entertainment provided by one of the town's most popular venues, but that the Arwenack Club itself is under threat of closure which would result in the loss of 14 jobs - not to mention the loss of a venue to local bands and DJs and the income to them.

“In addition to its entertainment, the club also provides a quiet place to meet for a lot of locals and visitors during the day time, seven days a week.”

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The petition goes on to point out that entertainment has been provided on the site for many decades - as the Royal British Legion before it became the Arwenack Club.

“It is believed that these complaints have only been made by a handful (or even less) of people so it seems entirely unfair that their demands should take precedence over the wishes of the hundreds of people who enjoy the club's entertainment each week.

“The club has made concerted efforts to limit sound levels with soundproofing which has come at considerable expense. A solicitor is on their case, but a strong show of support can only help their case further.

“So please, show the council that the Arwenack Club is an invaluable local entertainment venue which should not be lost by supporting this petition,” it concludes.

The petition can be signed at www.change.org/p/save-the-arwenack-club

The club had been operating under a midnight licence, with karaoke on a Friday from 8pm to 11.45pm, a disco on a Saturday night between the same times and live music on Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 7pm.