Residents living along a Falmouth road with double yellow lines claim they are being victimised because they have nowhere else to park.

It is part of a long running saga about parking in Acacia Road with residents having to park their cars miles from their homes or on double yellow lines.

The residents claim they are being targeted because there is very limited parking, and they have nowhere to park close to their homes.

One resident Amber Bazzoni told the Packet that everyone was up in arms over it and just wanted the traffic warden to “lay off” for a bit.

“We have a very over-zealous traffic warden on his walk to work at 5.30am in the morning on a bank holiday Monday ticketing cars along our road,” she said.

“We really feel like we are being victimised and targeted. We’re not parking on double yellows for the hell of it because we’re in town and we’re popping in somewhere for five minutes, it’s because there is nowhere to park.

“They have to park there, in bus stops on double yellow lines, people are parking on the grass it’s absolute Bedlam up around here.”

Last Saturday (April 29) bus company OTS posted a picture of cars blocking its route so it couldn’t run its service. In the post they appealed for people to park sensibly saying if the bus had been an emergency vehicle it wouldn’t have been able to get through.

Falmouth Packet: Parked cars blocked access for the bus last weekParked cars blocked access for the bus last week (Image: OTS/Facebook)

“Continuing our series of ‘parking like a plonker’, this is why we can't serve stops at Acacia shops, Acacia/Oakfield corner, or Oakfield steps,” the post said.

“Worth thinking about is that the guys at Falmouth Community Fire Station wouldn't be able to get through either if you needed them.”

One bus company, not OTS, has put money into a scheme to make the road one way which residents say would ease the pressure on the parking. They say that it would take away the double yellow lines and they would be able to park sensibly.

“We want the traffic warden to lay off, especially at half past five in the morning,” said Amber. “One of the residents is a nurse, she’s in for her night shift and has nowhere to park, she’s exhausted, she’s had a gruelling night.

“Another lady is a single mum so she parks outside her house, go to get the shopping out the kid out going backwards and forwards put the kid back in the car drive to park and then she’s a 20 minute walk away to her home.

“We’d like the traffic warden to lay off for a bit want to fight to get that system in place."


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Cornwall councillor for the area David Saunby said he had been in contact with traffic enforcement about enforcement officers ticketing cars but had been told that they could not be lenient in one place and not another where cars were parked illegally.

He said he was disappointed with their response.

He said he has asked the portfolio holder for transport, Connor Donnithorn, for a private site meeting to explain what's going on in Trescobeas and how they can be addressed, which he hopes he will accept.

“I am hoping that Connor Donnithorn will accept my invitation to see first hand the problems, and hurry along the one way system which has been paid for,” he said.

He added: “The one-way system has already been approved, so I am waiting for when it will be implemented, along with yellow lines at the pinch points to stop what happened on Saturday with the buses unable to get through because of bad and inconsiderate parking, not allowing large vehicles such as buses and emergency vehicles to pass.”