A controversial application to build a new restaurant on Porthleven’s Harbour head has been withdrawn for the second time.

Trevor Osborne’s Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company first proposed to convert the small building at the entrance to the harbour, known locally as ‘Old Man’s Shelter’, in March of this year.

This was then withdrawn an another similar application was lodged in September, however that has now also been withdrawn.

In recent years the building has been used by the gig club but the application said the gig club was currently in a new location.

However, the gig club disputed that the building is no longer in use, with chairman Tony Best saying the gig club 'used' had a lease for that building with Trevor Osborne and the site is used for storing oars, life jackets and safety radios etc.

He said at this point in time they had no suitable alternative location.


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The proposal was to dig out the grassed section of the harbour head to create a new restaurant area.

The proposal included the reinstatement of the harbour head with the area raised approximately 300mm from the existing grassed area and also be finished with a green roof.

However the application has now been withdrawn but no reason has been given. Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company has been contacted for a comment.