A public meeting is to be held to discuss future plans for Porthleven after a bid to turn the "home" of the gig club into a restaurant was withdrawn for the second time.

The proposal to convert the small building at the entrance to the harbour, known locally as ‘Old Man’s Shelter’ and used in recent years by the gig club, was withdrawn for the second time this month after a lot of local opposition, especially on social media.

Falmouth Packet: A 3D image showing how the withdrawn application for the restaurant would look at Porthleven Harbour Head A 3D image showing how the withdrawn application for the restaurant would look at Porthleven Harbour Head (Image: RA Design/Cornwall Council)

A claim in the application that the Porthleven Pilot Gig Club had been found a new home and no longer used the site was denied by the gig club itself.

Now Trevor Osborne, the owner of the Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company, says he withdrew the planning application for the second time because he said he was concerned that there is a general misconception locally as to what this proposed redevelopment means.

He says specifically for the gig club and generally for the village, and he wants to address this before proceeding with the application.

In a statement issued to the Packet he said there is no question of the gig club being made ‘homeless’.

“Quite the opposite,” says the statement “as the redevelopment will allow it to have a better and more appropriate base and allow it to make firm plans for the future.”

Falmouth Packet: The view from the gig clubThe view from the gig club (Image: Porthleven Gig Club)

He says because of these concerns expressed locally, particularly via social media, he has decided to hold a public meeting in Porthleven in January 2024 to discuss this proposal and other future plans for port.


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This is his 47th year of owning the Harbour & Dock Company – years which, he says, have seen the village thrive and prosper and become a very popular foodie and arts destination, welcoming visitors year-round.

The date, time and venue of this public meeting will be confirmed in December and all Porthleven residents invited to participate.