An application to redevelop an area of land in Helston has been approved with conditions by Cornwall Council.

The council has granted conditional permission for the existing scout hut at Coronation Gardens to be demolished and replaced with a new scout hut and community hall, as well as knocking down the former Helston and District Pigeon Club building to build a community café.

The application for the redevelopment was first submitted in August 2023 by Helston Town Council project officer Charlotte Caldwell. In her application, Charlotte explains that both the scout hut and former pigeon club are ' end of life’ and contaminated with hazardous materials including asbestos.

Charlotte also mentions that both buildings will be low carbon and ‘as sustainable as possible.’

Falmouth Packet: Image showing how the new scout hut and community hall may look Image showing how the new scout hut and community hall may look (Image: RA Design/Cornwall Council)Plans for the scout hut include garage storage which will provide better storage for tens and equipment. There will also be new toilet facilities including a disabled WC which Charlotte said will ‘enable inclusive access,’ which at present doesn’t exist.

Each building will also include an outdoor decking area for those using the building, and the café will also provide a seating area that it is said would be beneficial to people visiting the area.

You can read more about the plans here: First look at how new scout hut and community cafe for Helston could look

Granting permission under delegated powers, a Cornwall Council planning officer wrote: “The proposal seeks to demolish two existing buildings which are located within Coronation Gardens located close to the town centre of Helston but bordered by residential development.

“The construction of a separate café building will provide an additional employment space in this location; the site is located outside of the town centre, but it would provide a facility and service for members of the public using the park area. It would provide employment and also provide surveillance and a point of interest in this location.

“The proposed café has some potential to lead to adverse harm to the amenities of nearby occupiers in terms of odour from any extraction equipment.

Falmouth Packet: The community cafe would be fully accessibleThe community cafe would be fully accessible (Image: RA Design/Cornwall Council)“None has been specified in the proposal, but it is considered that this can be secured via planning conditions.

"The town council will likely let the lease of the café to a private individual such that it will depend on what food they're providing as to what extraction system is required.

"The proposed scout hall will replace a use on a like-for-like basis such that its use as a community hall will still allow for use by groups.

“Taking these factors into account, on balance it is considered that the proposal is acceptable, subject to conditions.”

The application was granted with conditions attached, including:

  • No development shall begin until details of the materials to be used in the construction of the external surfaces of the building have been approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
  • Before the cafe is brought into use, extraction and ventilation equipment shall be installed.