A WOMAN who did a wee in a bucket in the entrance foyer of a pub in Cornwall also threatened to do a poo in full view of customers - including children - eating inside.

Horrified staff were forced to watch the woman for two and half hours with them eventually having to close the pub before police arrived after she was refused permission to use their loo.

Many customers swore they would never come back following the incident in the Pearl and Trawl Pub in Wadebridge on May 18 last year.

Tracy Mcbride, 51, previously of Beachside Holiday Park, Lethlean Lane, Phillack, failed to turn up for her trial today at Truro Magistrates’ Court today after pleading not guilty to using threatening, abusive words, behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Witness statements were read out by the CPS solicitor from two members of staff on duty that day, one of whom was pregnant.

She said in the morning the woman had asked if she could use the pub toilet and was allowed to but because of her behaviour she was then barred from returning.

When staff changed shifts at around 5pm she asked a second time and was allowed in as staff had not been told that she had been barred in the morning. She told staff she may be in there a long time because she was expecting a call on her mobile. She was then told to leave.

Staff called the police after, she took a white bucket from a child’s stroller parked in the entrance to the pub, pulled down her trousers and underwear and urinated in it in full view of staff and customers inside. 

She then proceeded to block both doors in the foyer using the full bucket of wee so people couldn’t get in or out without knocking it over.

“The woman kept coming into the building asking how long the police were going to be and how much longer it was going to take for them to get there,” said the pregnant member of staff in her statement.

“Each time she came in I told her she was not allowed in the building and she needed to leave but she refused. The woman then came into the foyer and she pulled her skirt up pulled her underwear down and parked herself right in the middle of the foyer and started urinating into the white bucket.

“She also said she was going to have a poo. No one could get in or out of the building, people inside could see her through the glass doors and windows of the foyer.

“I went out to her and said: 'Can you please not do that, you’re breaking the law. All of my guests can see what you’re doing, you’re making them feel uncomfortable. Can you please leave the building'.”

McBride shouted and swore at the member of staff and carried on urinating. She then wiped herself with some toilet paper “flashing her privates” at the people inside eating.

She then opened the foyer door and threw the toilet paper at the pregnant member of staff.

Eventually the police arrived at 8pm and arrested McBride removing the bucket and the toilet paper.

The staff member said the woman seemed to be under the influence of drink or drugs and was aggressive.

She said she was telling people coming into the pub what she was doing and why she was doing it and she said quite a few said they’d never come back because of what had happened and how long it took to be dealt with. She said people were "shocked" by what they saw.

She said it was “disgusting”.

The second member of staff, a waitress, described the foyer as being full of glass on three sides with a second door which opened into the pub. She said the area was full of light and what McBride, who she referred to as “the small woman”, was doing was clearly visible to everybody.


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She said staff were forced to put out signs asking people to use the side entrance but people who didn’t see the signs were confronted by a half-naked woman from the waist down sitting in the foyer entrance with a bucket full of wee.

In police interview McBride said when she was forced to leave the Travelodge that morning she’d needed to use the loo so used the one in the pub.

She’d needed to use it again in the afternoon so had gone back into the pub and asked if she could use the pub toilet again. When she was refused, she admitted going for a wee in a bucket but thought that nobody could see her.

She said she’d only blown her nose on the tissue.

McBride was fined £180 in her absence, ordered to pay costs of £225 and a court surcharge of £72.