A Cornwall confectioner is to appear on national television this month for the chance to be stocked on the shelves of Aldi.

Marshmallow maker Teagan Rowlands-Bryant of Moosh Mallows is to appear on Channel 4‘s Aldi’s Next Big Thing.

Hosted by broadcaster Anita Rani and TV presenter Chris Bavin, it is a six-part primetime TV show that gives UK artisans a chance to pitch to win a contract to have their products land on the shelves of over 1,000 Aldi stores nationwide.

Helston-based Teagan launched Moosh Mallows in 2021, as a result of a very sticky experiment.

After losing her job during the pandemic, Teagan retreated to the kitchen – and from that moment hasn’t looked back.

Moosh has scooped numerous awards, including a Taste of The West 2024 Gold Award, all while raising two small children and navigating a house move soon after launching the brand.

Falmouth Packet: Teagan appearing on the showTeagan appearing on the show (Image: Aldi's Next Big Thing)

Teagan has been keeping her TV debut a secret from friends and family for months, but is finally able to share her exciting news.

She said “Finally I can tell you what that big project is that I’ve been banging on about for months!

“I’m really excited for you to see it, but also a tad nervous. Never did I ever think that I’d be pitching to have Moosh stocked on supermarket shelves. It's a huge deal and it’s still blowing my mind.”

Handmade by whipping real ingredients, then hand cut into chunky cubes of fluff, Moosh have been satisfying taste buds from Cornish food fairs to Australia.

Falmouth Packet: Teagan designed all Moosh Mallow's packagingTeagan designed all Moosh Mallow's packaging (Image: Aldi's Next Big Thing)

Not only that, they are pescetarian friendly, all the packaging is plastic-free and there are nine flavours to choose from.

Teagan added: “I had been trading since April 2021, when I was approached about this amazing opportunity to shed a spotlight on Moosh, and reach a national market.

“After I’d applied I didn’t really think too much more about it - then I got the call.

“As part of the process, a TV crew visited me at home, in Helston, to learn all about the Moosh, which was really exciting and so nerve wracking at the same time. I’d love to share their feedback, but I don’t want to give anything away.”

Falmouth Packet: Julie Ashfield from Aldi with presents Chris Bavin and Anita RaniJulie Ashfield from Aldi with presents Chris Bavin and Anita Rani (Image: Aldi's Next Big Thing)

During the programme products are presented to Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, who deliberates on factors such as price, packaging, shopper demand, and the ability to scale up, before shortlisting contestants down to just two.

To find out if Moosh is going to make it onto the shelves, watch Aldi’s Next Big Thing on Channel 4 every Tuesday at 8pm, from April 2 until May 7. Moosh Mallows’ episode will air on Tuesday, April 23.

About Teagan and Moosh Mallows

A one-women band, Teagan assumes all roles within Moosh, including making, cutting, packing, quality control, marketing, and not-so-fun business admin, as well as being a mum to two young children.

Moosh Mallows are handcrafted and pescetarian friendly as they are made with real ingredients and fish gelatine, which is what distinguishes them from mass-produced supermarket marshmallows.

Falmouth Packet: Teagan started Moosh Mallows in 2021Teagan started Moosh Mallows in 2021 (Image: Sue Porter Photographer)

There are nine flavours to choose from: Lemon Moosh Pie, Chocolate Moose, Real Raspberry, Classic Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Peppermint & Dark Chocolate, Espresso Martini, The Gimlet and Dark & Stormy.

Last Christmas, Moosh sold a whopping 2,250 marshmallows. So far this year, the Lemon Moosh Pie has won a 2024 Taste of the West gold award.

Read more about that here: Meet the mum of two from Helston creating award winning marshmallows

Falmouth Packet: The award-winning Lemon Moosh PieThe award-winning Lemon Moosh Pie (Image: Sue Porter Photographer)

Moosh Mallows has also travelled across the globe; in the early days, Teagan sent a batch to Thailand to test if they’d survive the journey (they did) and last Christmas, a Moosh Advent calendar was sent to Australia, for a Cornish customer that had recently emigrated needed a Moosh fix!

Tegan has a marketing and branding background that has influenced her approach to packaging, explaining that she dedicated a considerable amount of time designing the box - as much as she would often spend on a new flavour, if not more.

Teagan said she has been amazed by the support from her customers, family and friends as Moosh Mallows has grown, adding that she never imagined that this “off-the-wall idea” would be met with so much enthusiasm, including from those who are not usually fans of marshmallows.